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Recurly Integration

How do you feel when you see your customers renew their subscriptions or promptly send you payment for services? If you’re like most business owners and marketers, your hearts (and bank accounts) swell with joy.

Recurly is an essential billing and subscription processing tool that helps businesses ensure reliable revenue. It's wonderful for optimizing payment, performing billing and accounting functions, and providing insights so users can offer superior customer experiences and retain customers more easily.

Ensuring recurring revenue is essential for businesses if they want to continue operating at peak performance. And when you're able to bring your revenue tool into the fold with your email marketing tool, you can implement strategies that lead to more predictable revenue.

Let’s explore the unique features and benefits of Recurly and consider why and how you can integrate Recurly with Benchmark Email.

Why Use Recurly?

No one loves having conversations around money, especially when it involves requesting overdue payments. For eCommerce sites, the solution to avoiding these awkward conversations could be as simple as evolving billing models. So, instead of relying heavily on typical credit card payments that aren't automated and require reminders and invoices, eCommerce businesses can opt for a subscription commerce approach for more reliable revenue (without the hassle).

Figuring out how to deliver top-notch services can be a no-brainer. But establishing a payment structure that lends itself to an overall positive experience for your customers and your business is more difficult. The last thing businesses want is issues with credit card payments that could negatively affect revenue flow. And if the experience around payment is unpleasant, it could lead to decreased customer trust and advocacy.

But not with Recurly! Recurly comes with several notable features that make setting up subscription commerce super easy. Some Recurly perks include:

Subscription Management

Customers love having options, especially when it comes to how they pay for services. With Recurly, businesses can create as many subscription plans as they want. And, the more payment options available to customers, the more revenue opportunity businesses will experience.

Recurly is also set up to help you manage all your items for sale with a custom catalog. You can keep track of item details, tax information, and price, so nothing gets overlooked. Oh, and want to track success? Recurly helps deliver predictable revenue by offering analytics on subscription information.

And no worries if you're constantly evolving billing practices. Recurly allows you to provide one-time purchases, recurring add-ons, and connect with other systems, so your offering is as flexible as you and your customers need it to be.

Customizable Payments

Recurly has designed a perfect system that is easy to operate, especially for evolving billing models. Be it credit card payment, ACH, invoices, PayPal, or other, you can set up processing for whichever method you prefer.

And, no matter where your customers are, you can still process their payments through Recurly. Recurly connects with global payment gateways for secure payment from all over the world.

Great Customer Experience

With an easy, seamless payment process, Recurly presents your customers with a superior customer experience. Fewer hassles and less confusion around payment can lead to happy, loyal customers that will want to advocate for your brand. With so much flexibility and no need to make adjustments once the software hook-up is complete, you can focus your time nurturing existing leads, tapping into critical customer insights, and all the other things important for growing your business.

Another excellent feature of Recurly is how it enhances customer support. You have access to an account management console so you can provide superior customer experiences.


Recurly offers analytics on revenue data and information on your subscribers' plans. Hence, you know exactly how much recurring revenue is coming in. Recurly's platform helps you set KPIs and offers a trend analysis so you can dive deep into critical customer insights to inform your lead nurture emails, future marketing strategies, and more.

Why Choose the Benchmark Email Recurly Integration?

No Download Required

Sending your Recurly contacts cart abandonment emails or other lead nurture emails doesn’t require you to download any application, tools, or resources. Navigating through our system is easy and straightforward, allowing you to nurture existing leads with ease.

You Can Grow Your List

Bring Recurly together with your email marketing software for a growing email list you can send lead nurture emails to more easily. And when your list continues to grow, so do your chances of creating more revenue.

Nurture with Ease

By adding your Recurly customers to your Benchmark email lists, you'll be able to nurture existing leads and customers without jumping around from tab to tab to pull information. When you're able to nurture your leads and existing customers with ease, you can deliver predictable revenue that guides your business to success.

It's Free

When you find a powerful email marketing solution for your business, it's like striking gold. But, when you find a solution that's totally free and allows you to nurture existing leads, send cart abandonment emails, gain critical customer insights on email engagement, and more, it's even better.

While we have paid packages and plans available, our email marketing service also offers users a free plan. Therefore, the only fees associated with our Recurly integration are whatever it may cost you to use Recurly. So, the only subscription fees you need to worry about are the ones you set up for your customers.

Want to get started with a free, easy-to-use email marketing tool that integrates with Recurly? Sign up for our free plan today and get started in minutes!