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Exponentially grow your business with enterprise features without the enterprice

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Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated Account Manager will:
  • Help you build an action plan for your emails
  • Assist you with list hygiene
  • Offer strategies and tips for automating your emails

Delivery Coach

A Delivery Coach is available to help you:
  • Set up your SPF Records
  • Create a strategy for optimal sending practices
  • Understand your options for List Verification

No Signup Form Restrictions

Did you know on the Benchmark Starter Plan, you can only add 75 subscribers per day through your signup forms? One popular news story or blog post or attend one trade show or expo and you’re leaving opportunities on the table with that limit.

Remove Benchmark Logo

You can remove the Benchmark logo from the footer of your emails once you upgrade.

Automation Pro

Save time and increase your efficiency as an email marketer to boost sales

  • Trigger relevant follow-ups based on if a subscriber opened your email or clicked on specific links.
  • Automatically move subscribers to an appropriate list based on specific triggers to ensure they’re always receiving the correct messages. Move a lead to a customer list upon purchase and more!
  • Send additional information to a subscriber based on the pages they visit on your website.
  • Create fully automated journeys that take a lead from subscription to conversion and through to becoming a repeat customer.
  • Don’t miss out on sales opportunities with abandoned cart automated emails. Offer an incentive like a small discount or free shipping to complete the conversion!

Included in your Benchmark Pro account at no extra cost

More Powerful Tools

A/B Testing

Move beyond simply testing subject lines!
  • Compare the likely performance of up to three different emails
  • Test by delivery time to learn the best time to send
  • Automatically send the winning email to the rest of your subscribers
  • Track your success with full A/B Testing Reports

Targeted Emailing

Easily discover important list segmentation opportunities with just a few clicks
  • Easily create a list of your most engaged subscribers to send special promotions, request feedback or build a loyalty program
  • Know who is slipping away by creating a list of inactive subscribers and send a re-engagement campaign to win back their attention

Better Account Management for Teams and Agencies

If you’re in charge of email marketing for multiple clients, teams or departments you can take control with these additional features when you upgrade



  • Manage multiple accounts from one master account
  • Share email templates with sub-accounts for consistent brand management
  • Send lists to sub-accounts

PIN Security

If there are multiple team members or other individuals working in your accounts, you
can use PIN security for downloading and exporting lists.

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