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Facebook Ads and Email Marketing

(How They Work Together for Ultimate Lead Gen and Nurture Success)



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We know what you’re thinking. What do Facebook ads and email marketing have to do with one another? However, when you look at the entire lifecycle of the lead generation and nurture process, both play a crucial role and must work together for ultimate success.


Generating leads is a must if you want to feed your inbound funnel. However, what you do with those leads is just as important. If you don’t nurture them appropriately, you’re wasting plenty of opportunities to turn valuable prospects into paying customers.


In this webinar, Katie Culp, Partner Success Manager for Benchmark Email, and Gavin Bell, Managing Director of Yatter, discuss how to use Facebook ads and email marketing to generate leads and nurture them effectively.

What You'll Learn

  • How to use Facebook ads to generate high-quality leads
  • The ABC’s of a successful landing page
  • The value of email marketing in the lead nurture process
  • The types of emails to use to nurture your leads

And more!