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Email Pricing Plans For Large Senders

Safely and reliably send at high volumes

Email plan Emails sends per month Price / Overage price per email
Contact Sales
10k 10,000 $40.00/mo
$ 0.00400
Contact Sales
50K 50,000 $150.00/mo
$ 0.00300
Contact Sales
100k 100,000 $250.00/mo
$ 0.00250
Contact Sales
250k 250,000 $450.00/mo
$ 0.00180
Contact Sales
500k 500,000 $799/mo
$ 0.00160
Contact Sales
1M 1,000,000 $1,299/mo
$ 0.00130
Contact Sales
2.5M 2,500,000 $2,499/mo
$ 0.00100
Contact Sales
5M 5,000,000 $4,499/mo
$ 0.00090
Contact Sales
10M 10,000,000 $7,999/mo
$ 0.00080
Contact Sales
15M 15,000,000 $10,000/mo
$ 0.00067
Contact Sales


List Verification

Ensure the highest quality subscribers and deliverability by having your list(s) verified.


For every 1,000 contacts

Image Hosting

Upgrade your basic storage so that all of your most engaging images, logos and graphics are at the ready thanks to unlimited image hosting.

$5.00 Monthly

Unlimited storage

Dedicated IP

Remove yourself from the crowd, taking control of your sending reputation and delivery into the inbox.

$28.95 Monthly

Inbox Checkers

View how your email campaigns will appear on any device, in every inbox client and on every browser.


For 100 test

Start Sending Today

Sending to a large list? It's easy with Benchmark's send-based plans. Speak with sales to find the right plan for you and to get started.