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Shireen Qudosi

Thankful Series: The Secret Knowledge of Eva Rovillos

Nov 25 2014, 03:00 AM by

Thank You Notes: Mentor Matters If you’re lucky, there are a handful of people in your lives that have really made a dent in it. OC photographer/videographer Eva Rovillos is one of those exceptional people. I’ve known her for eons but it was only in the last few years when we started creating a business ‘hive’ to pollinate ideas in pursuit of complimentary business goals that I got to know about her business prowess. Yet, she’s not the cut-throat entrepreneur you’d imagine. On the contrary, she’s the most humanizing face of business heart I’ve ever seen – and it’s exactly that trait which has made her so exceptional. However, aside from this one very special “thankful” series post, you’ll probably never hear about her because if there’s one thing that Eva doesn’t do, it’s clamor for attention. She’s one of those people where actions speak louder than words, and since she’s never going to try to get attention for herself, the only way I can share the generosity of her wisdom is through this post.

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Shireen Qudosi

Why E-Commerce Has Conquered Black Friday

Nov 21 2014, 03:00 AM by

Why E-Commerce Has Conquered Black Friday You may feel like you’re missing out on Black Friday – the biggest pre-holiday shopping day that comes the day after Thanksgiving. Yet, recent years show that Black Friday cyber sales were up by at least 19% with average orders reaching a minimum of $135. In fact, it’s not just that e-commerce is doing well. It’s that e-commerce is doing better than brick-and-mortar sales on the same day.

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Shireen Qudosi

Brainstorming the Best Company Holiday Ideas

Nov 19 2014, 03:00 AM by

Brainstorming the Best Company Holiday Ideas It’s around this time of year that some poor person at every company gets tasked with the near impossible job of find a great company holiday party idea. Often, this includes a terribly modest budget paired with a confident employer who just knows you’ll figure out “something great.” For those poor souls, here’s a creative guide to organizing this year’s company holiday shindig.

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