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Shireen Qudosi

Game of Thrones Inspired Leadership Hacks

Apr 16 2014, 06:00 AM by

Game of Thrones Inspired Leadership HacksIn a Game of Thrones analogy on leadership, leaders would be the “Maesters” or “the King’s Hand” rather than the king himself. Possessing the quintessential ability to see beyond immediate problems and constraints that come with bureaucratic titles (like that of ‘king’), these types are better equipped to handle problems and advise solutions. And today’s leaders are no different. Your job as a leader is to be exactly that wizard, though instead of alchemy and manipulation, you use ‘hacks.’

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Jennifer Perez

5 Annoying Distractions That Can Kill Your Output

Apr 16 2014, 03:00 AM by

Remote ControlLike just about anything, working from home is about the little things. You can craft copy, code or customer service tickets from your sofa or the table at Starbucks, but the tiniest, most distracting things will make or break your output.

If you do hours upon hours of work and you’re coming up with a less-than-stellar haul, there could be any number of basic things that are slowing you down. Here’s a list of five different annoyances that can stop you from being a work from home superstar.

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Hal Licino

Honey Maid’s Controversial Video: A Planned Spontaneous Reaction

Apr 15 2014, 03:00 AM by

Honey Maid’s Controversial Video: A Planned Spontaneous Reaction“No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will. Honey Maid. Everyday wholesome snacks for every wholesome family. This is wholesome.” It is difficult to believe that it was that rather innocuous video commercial narration which has galvanized a nation. The visuals which accompanied this voiceover were not of yummy graham crackers but of unorthodox families: a two-dad family, a rocker family, a single dad, and two interracial families. Social media exploded over this ad with countless thousands of comments ardently defending the content and many others excoriating it. Honey Maid’s amazing reaction to this social media tempest can act as a lesson to all online marketers as to how to weather the storm… even if you’ve just created it.

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Andy Shore

Playlist: Coachella Lesser Knowns

Apr 14 2014, 06:00 AM by

All Work & No PlaylistCoachella was this past weekend and will take place once again next weekend. I am not attending this year, but I did watch some of the live stream. I was pretty disappointed by the OutKast set, but enjoyed some bands I’ve never seen or heard before. That’s actually one of my favorite parts of music festivals. The chance to be exposed to a new band you wouldn't have otherwise. We all need those opportunities once in a while. You never know which situation your throw yourself into, what you’ll discover. Try something new, like these new bands or a new business tactic.

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Hal Licino

Bringing Sports Event Social Media Marketing To An Elevated Art

Apr 14 2014, 03:00 AM by

Bringing Sports Event Social Media Marketing To An Elevated ArtPromoting an event in the social media age is an extremely complex and creative endeavor largely relevant to the specific category of event being produced, but there are some common elements to any successful event marketing strategy which apply nearly universally. The effective and powerful marketing departments of major brands engaged in sports events have been among the leaders in forging new paradigms in event promotions and the strategies they have applied can, with a little tweaking, be applied to whatever type of event you’re producing.

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