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Andy Shore

MAMA for the Mommas Across the Globe

Mar 31 2015, 03:00 AM by

Heart of Business Stephanie Bowen is the Senior Communcations Manager at Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA), an alliance that sets out to communicate with new and expectant mothers in developing countries via cell phones. Their efforts have helped reduce the death rates in both mothers and their children. It's an incredible organization doing amazing things and their efforts have helped women in 54 countries around the world. Listen and enjoy.

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Andy Shore

Check-in by Benchmark Events

Mar 27 2015, 03:00 AM by

Benchmark Feature Spotlight You can often tell how well run an event is by how the check in process goes. Long lines are one thing ... and sometimes unavoidable. However, keeping things organized and efficient can be the difference in keeping your event attendees happy and a full on meltdown before they’ve even gotten through the doors. Benchmark Events can help you with every step of your event, from conception to execution ... and beyond, but today we’re going to focus on that check in process. Specifically, I’m going to tell you all about the Check-in by Benchmark Events app.

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Shireen Qudosi

5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Content

Mar 25 2015, 03:00 AM by

5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Content One of the smartest things I’m seeing more and more companies do is to outsource their content. They may have a great in-house writer, but there’s a realization of and appreciation for the time it takes to craft a really great piece of content. When evaluating whether you should shift content out, consider the following compelling value-driven reasons.

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Andy Shore

Radha Muthia: Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves

Mar 24 2015, 03:00 AM by

Heart of Business Radha Muthiah is the CEO of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. Working with the UN Foundation, they strive to save lives, better livelihoods, empower women and to protect the environment by putting clean and efficient cooking solutions in households across the globe. Among many other topics surrounding their mission, Radha discusses the for profit model of giving aid.

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