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Lessons Learned from Top Brands on How to Rock on Instagram

Aug 28 2015, 03:00 AM by

Lessons Learned from Top Brands on How to Rock on Instagram Instagram has gained a huge footing from various social media marketers thanks to its knack for connecting people. According to Forrester Research, Instagram is superior to every other social network when it comes to user engagement. Of the seven social networks reviewed, six had an engagement rate less than 0.1 %. Instagram was the only network with a user engagement rate of 4.21%.

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Shireen Qudosi

The Best Quotes on Email Marketing

Aug 26 2015, 03:00 AM by

The Best Quotes on Email Marketing There are times when you’re sitting at the computer trying to drum up the next idea for your weekly newsletter campaign. That’s about the time when it would be really great to have a couple of colleagues to use as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of. Chances are, there’s no one like that in your marketing team – but there is this post, which curates some of the best and more inspired conversations on email marketing.

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Andy Shore

Mafioso Masterpieces with Michael Bell

Aug 25 2015, 03:00 AM by

Heart of Business Most portrait artists only have to fear an unhappy client or maybe a bad review on Yelp. Michael Bell is just glad he doesn't sleep with the fishes when his job is done. As a portrait artist his subject matter has included famous mafia types such as the Gotti family. Bell joined us to talk about his famous and infamous clients, as well as how to follow your passion for art as a career and more.

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Dorothy Le

Keep eCommerce Fresh: Benchmark Magento Integration

Aug 21 2015, 03:00 AM by

Keep eCommerce Fresh: Benchmark Magento Integration There is a saying, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” However, in the world of eCommerce, you got to keep fixing and improving your site. Even if you already have the most successful online store in the world, it will definitely grow stagnant if you leave it untouched. Then before you know it, other competitors will be crawling up to take your place. That’s why the motto here is: always be improving!

There is always a way to improve! Keep your eyes peeled to see what the latest trends are, what your customers are requesting, and what you can do to make the online shopping experience much better.

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