Boom! We live in a day and age that information is slapped right in our faces at any moment without even asking for it. Making sense of all this data floating around, and hitting us on every corner, is becoming a huge task. We all love facts and figures, but lets face it, numbers and facts can be a bore to read and and if you are anything like me, a bore to understand also. Even fun facts just aren’t fun anymore!

Then came infographics.

Infographics are a relatively new and fresh way to display data with images, graphics and minimal text that makes it much easier to understand and fun to absorb information. Infographics are a huge hit with companies across a broad spectrum of industries, from research companies, tech-focused companies and schools and universities.

So what are the benefits of infographics specifically to your business?

1. Quick read

Forget about long narratives in the form of company press releases. Human beings are highly visual creatures. 90% of the information that comes to and is stored in the brain is visual. We tend to remember more of images than text. With infographics you can tap into this brain preference and easily make people not only interested but more importantly remember data. This is one of the reasons schools are tapping into the power of infographics.

2. Ooooh! Pretty!

Tired of the same old, dull words, commas, semi-colons and all that? You should. Time to start using infographics. Pretty information may sound trivial but never underestimate how information presented in an attractive manner can appeal to the masses. Think of clothing magazines. Would they have the same appeal to fashion adherents if they had the same attractiveness as your regular daily newspaper?

3. Multiple Uses

The versatility of infographics is impressive. They can be used in presentations, worksheets, reports, advertisements, as marketing tools…and the list goes on. Almost on every front within your company. One of the best stories on the versatility of infographics is that of Drake Martinet, the brave and very innovative soul that proposed to his girlfriend using an infographic.

4. Sharing

People love discovering and sharing cool stuff online. This is one of the strong point of popular social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Infographics can be easily shared on the net and go viral in no time. One of the infographics designed by yours truly, Social Media and its Effect on Employment, had us receiving positive feedback from as far as Japan in little over 20 minutes of posting! This was be done by including social share buttons or including the actual HTML code so people can add them directly to their posts and articles online.

5. More Persuasive

Due to its unique way of presenting information, its attractiveness and the ability to share, infographics can easily persuade the readers. They tend much more convincing and influencing.