You have a good product. You have a substantial email list. Now all you need are the sales. One question that internet shoppers often ask themselves before committing to buy a product is, “Is this business credible?” What can you do to show a prospective client that you and your business are trustworthy? Simple. Add a testimonial to your marketing emails. Here are a few of the different kinds of testimonials you can add to your email marketing plan to gain the trust of your audience and increase your sales.

Success Stories

If you are thinking of adding a testimonial to your email, a good place to start is with a personal story from one of your customers. This could be anything from a short quote from a satisfied customer to an anecdote written by a customer describing how your product or service has helped them. Do you know a customer who has used one of your products in an interesting way? Ask them if they would mind contributing a testimonial.

Video Testimonials

A video testimonial is a short video, usually thirty seconds to two minutes long, that features a satisfied customer singing the praises of your business. They tend to be entertaining and memorable and are quite effective when it comes to connecting with prospective clients. Video email testimonials add a human element to your newsletter that most internet marketing strategies lack. When it comes to the testimonial itself, honesty is best. Remember, you are trying to build a relationship with your prospective client, and all good relationships are built on trust.


There are a number of sites out there on which reviews are posted about almost every product imaginable:, and are just a few examples. Search these sites for positive reviews on the product or products you sell and include them in your email. Remember, just because you didn’t actually sell the product doesn’t mean you can’t use the review. Just be sure to include a link back to whatever site you borrowed the review from.

Social Networks

Is a product you sell trending on Twitter? Is your business’s Facebook page covered in positive comments relating to your products or commending your dedication to customer service? Keep an eye out on all the social media platforms you subscribe to for praise about you and your products. Positive remarks are easy to garner from the social media world and beef up testimonial emails nicely.


Search the internet for any “best of” or “top 10” lists that feature your product. The higher up on the list your product is, the better. People like to see how the product they are about to invest in stands up to the competition. The point of a testimonial is to inspire confidence in what you’re selling and lists are a fantastic way to do it.

A well placed testimonial is an ideal way to encourage your prospective clients to trust your business and your brand. Remember to be creative in how you use your testimonials, and most importantly, be honest. Trust is what keeps customers coming back for more.