One of the toughest things about marketing is getting your name out there. But there are many tools available in social media marketing. Let’s check them out quickly and discover their drawbacks.

You can boost your business on LinkedIn via LinkedIn Recommendations. The drawback is that of course you’re going to have the best recommendations on there. No one in their right business mind would allow a negative recommendation. Moreover, everyone who does leave a recommendation makes sure it’s a positive one.

You can boost your business on Facebook and Twitter, but those are still bias sources where the kudos is due to your tooting your own horn.

More reliable and authentic sources are found at Yelp, but the problem there is that those user review sites are often frequented by mostly disgruntled clients.

What you need is a business-to-business referral site that moves far beyond just Hoover’s business listings and bio. This is where Comparz steps in. As Comparz best phrases it, “We know that more and more services for businesses are available online that you can buy with a few clicks, but that doesn’t make them easier to understand. Selecting a service is often confusing and we’d like to help you determine what will work best for your business.”

Comparz offers user and editorial reviews for businesses, and the benefit is two fold. The right business review can boost your company image and reach a whole new b2b marketplace. Secondly, smart business owners will tap into Comparz to determine where to take their own business to.

With user and editorial reviews, Comparz “research methodology” takes advantage of all relevant perspectives when it comes to determining a business’ value and worth. It’s better than just an average review since user reviews detail the experience and share the user’s demographic profile (including company size, industry and job title, as well as disclosing the result and benefit of the transactions). User reviews also lets you take an exposed look at what your peers are saying as far as who’s who and what’s what. You can then use that info to guide your decisions concerning which companies to offer your business to.

Editorial reviews, on the other hand, put the “find the right business” search through a streamlined funnel of five top businesses for each category. Comparz also loves user feedback and allows users to submit reviews, which makes the tool a close business equivalent to Wikipedia.

I personally love Comparz’ “Decision Tools,” which tells you that they really have the budding business owner in mind. Decision tools give you advice on contact and lead management, online data backup, email marketing and web conferencing. Adding to their decision guides, Comparz also analyzes the best marketing tools out there by ranking their top sources for a series of categories.

Savvy business owners that see potential will realize the possibilities Comparz has to offer go far beyond just the reviews. They can use the user reviews and decision making guides to chart where their competition is and what’s working for other businesses and then use that analysis to mold and develop their own business.

A must-have marketing plan is to get Comparz to positively profile your business. This instantly offers greater audience reach and gives you exposure to potential future clients.