Autoresponders are also known as “drip” campaigns. Why? Because once a customer enters their info into a List Builder/sign up box, the “dripping” starts, sending them a string of different emails over a set amount of time.

A typical Benchmark Email drip campaign might start with an email welcoming a customer to a website. The second drip email, sent one week later, might showcase specific products that a customer is interested in. The third email, sent yet another week later, might offer a 50% off coupon on those products.

As a feature, autoresponders are both highly customizable and easy to manage. Once you set them up, the emails are sent automatically and the results are trackable in real time. Benchmark’s autoresponder feature is located under the Email tab on the dashboard. (You can create a drip campaign even with a Free Trial Plan.)

If you’re ready to set up your autoresponder, just follow these steps:

1) Click the Create An Autoresponder Button

2)Fill out the information much like you would for an email campaign.

3) Decide which kind of autoresponder you want to create. If the autoresponder is for a new subscriber, the email will go out as soon as their address is added to your contact list. These emails can also be staggered to coincide with weekly or monthly reminders, deals, surveys, polls, sales pitch sequences – really, the uses are almost limitless. You can also send an Annual Email to go out for a birthday or anniversary, yearly sale, etc. One Off Emails send when the current day matches the month, day and year of a chosen date field (for subscription/membership renewals and sales follow ups based on entered purchase dates).

4) Choose an Email Template from the Template Categories.
5) At the top of the Editor are the Subject Line and Autoresponder Days (the number of days after a user has filled out your sign up box). The days can be set at any number between 0 and 365. Create multiple autoresponders for a full-fledged drip campaign.

Autoresponders are a great way to make sure that all of your customers or subscribers are receiving equal satisfaction. Mailing consistency is a major factor in establishing brand reputation and your subscribers will be pleased to receive your timely attention.