Emails to Deck the Halls, Dash Through the Snow and Jingle Bell Rock

Celebrate the Season with Christmas Email Templates

Christmas is one of the last holidays of the year, and for some, its most cherished. It is a tradition for families and loved ones to gather together on Christmas Eve, under a heavy brume of snow or on the desert coast, in cities and valleys, across continents and celebrate the season’s cheer and good will towards all. Hear the reindeer clattering on your roof as Santa Claus makes his merry way down the chimney. Curl up with the hot cocoa and hang the stockings.

This year, no matter how you celebrate, bring the warmth of the holiday to your email campaign. Wish your subscribers a Merry Christmas with these jolly email templates.

Once you’ve found the perfect Christmas email template, here are a few tips for crafting the perfect holiday campaign:

  • It is recommended that you begin your holiday season email marketing between November 1st and the 15th. Open rates actually drop after those dates. You want to send during that window of time if you want your Christmas email campaigns to be opened.
  • One popular Christmas email campaign strategy is to create a holiday gift guide for your loved ones. Paint the picture for what Christmas morning under the tree could look like.
  • Be nice, not naughty with your branding. Don’t wrap up your logo in a color your subscribers have never seen before, just to match the holiday motif. The same rule applies for buttons and other colors in your campaign that are not consistent with your website or other marketing materials. Get in the Christmas spirit, but don’t become something that is not familiar to your subscribers.
  • Don’t go crazy. Keep what you do simple and do not overdo it. Don’t let your Christmas email campaign become the house on your block with so many lights that you could catch a sun tan from them.
  • It doesn’t have to stop at your template. In fact, you should begin getting in the holiday spirit with your subject line. Almost everyone loves the holidays, why not let them know you’re bringing some holiday cheer to their inbox in the subject line?