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Loja Integrada Integration for Benchmark Email

Add Loja Integrada contacts to your Benchmark Email list(s)

With our Loja Integrada integration, you’ll be able to easily push your loja customers into a Benchmark Email list. Send automated follow-ups to all your Loja customers, and stay engaged.


Integration Is Fast & Easy:

  • Easily push your customers to a Benchmark Email list
  • Create quality engagement with the power of email marketing

How to Integrate Loja Integrada:

  • Log into your Benchmark account.
  • Click on your Username and select Integrations.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Get Started.
  • Select the Loja integration option.
  • Login to your Loja account and copy your API Key and Application Key.
  • Enter your Loja API Key and Application Key where prompted.
  • Click Save & Next.
  • Choose a list or create a new one to add your Loja contacts to and click Save & Next.
  • Map your fields according to your Loja fields set up.
  • Click Save & Next.
  • If you have any questions on integrating with Loja Integrada, please consult their support.