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Stripo Email Integration

Access Hundreds of Email Templates and Import them Directly Into Your Benchmark Email Account

Stripo is an all-in-one Email Design Platform for creating professional and responsive email templates fast without any HTML skills.

Email Testing Tool

When building emails with Stripo, you can preview them across 90+ popular environments, including multiple mobile devices.

Due to the unique rendering rules that each email client and each device have, you never know what your recipients are going to see when they open your emails. No worries: all email templates designed with Stripo HTML email editor are mobile responsive by default. Moreover, our editor lets you enable VML buttons for Outlook in your emails with 1 just click. Once your email is built, preview it with our embedded testing tool to be sure your customers will see exactly what you want.

Advanced Tools for Building Dynamic AMP Emails

Create innovative dynamic AMP emails effortlessly with our Drag-n-Drop AMP blocks, prepared AMP HTML email templates, open HTML code editor, and code validator.
Advanced controls help you craft a fallback HTML email within your AMP email with a few clicks. When your email is ready, our code validator will check it for errors.

Automated Routine Processes

Reduce the time for creating similar day-to-day emails.
Generate product cards and other modules automatically by specifying a link to the content or fully automated email creation process by using Stripo API.

Personal Library of Custom Modules

Build custom modules and reuse them across multiple campaigns.
Reduce repeated operations by saving customized modules to your personal Library with the ability to re-use them again in future email campaigns or by using the advanced modules from the Modules library that were built by our professionals.

700+ Free HTML Email Templates

Build responsive, interactive beautiful email newsletters within 10 minutes with Stripo!
Our compilation comprises up-to-date, responsive email templates for 2021. Customize once — use always!

Native integration with Benchmark Email

Export emails that you create in Stripo to your Benchmark Email account with just 1 click. Then add to an automated campaign or send to your list and watch your engagement soar.