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WordPress Email Plugin

As a marketer, you're constantly hearing about and looking into various marketing solutions. Solutions to help you increase your email subscribers, lead conversions, or make your email campaigns more compelling.

Maybe we're a little biased, but at Benchmark Email, we firmly believe that email marketing remains one of the best solutions for achieving a variety of marketing objectives. However, email marketing is only a third of the equation. You need valuable, high-quality content to fuel that email marketing and a content management system to help you build and host all that great website content.

There are numerous CMS solutions out there. However, WordPress is one of our favorites (and it's what we use at Benchmark Email). But how do you bridge the gap between your content management software and email marketing? How do you use your content to reach a wider audience and generate more leads?

Enter our WordPress Email Plugin. But, before we get into the specifics around this feature, let's dive deeper into why WordPress is a great solution for your content creation and management needs.

Why Use WordPress?

Every brand needs a content marketing strategy. And part of implementing that content marketing strategy is using a tool that manages content.

But, content marketing aside, WordPress helps you create pages for your entire website. It's simple to use, and it has built-in tools and plugins that help you optimize each page so you can get as much traffic as possible.

You can format the pages to your liking, build landing pages to track and convert new leads, and easily edit content within the platform, so refreshing and updating your website is a breeze.

Why Choose Benchmark Email WordPress Email Plugin Integration?

By using your educational and informative blog content in your email campaigns, you can turn a mundane experience with your brand into one that is filled with helpful resources and engaging nurture. Sharing really is caring.

That’s why our WordPress plugin is so great! By connecting your Benchmark Email account to your WordPress content management system, you’re able to bring your blog content and email marketing together seamlessly and find even better ways to nurture and grow your audience. You can take advantage of all that website traffic by turning visitors into customers.

Here are some ways our free WordPress plugin offers Benchmark users tons of value:

Customizable Signup Forms

You’ve spent a lot of time building up your company blog and website. Don’t let all that hard work and earned traffic go to waste! With our WordPress Email Plugin, you can convert your site visitors into leads by adding customizable email signup forms to any WordPress page. It's list building at its finest.

Your email marketing has to be personalized if it's going to result in lead conversion. Therefore, gathering the right details about your subscribers is crucial. The more you know about them, the better you’ll be able to understand their needs. Our signup forms provide you with plenty of custom fields (27 to be exact), so you can request names, emails, and any other bits of information that will help you get to know them better.

Seamless Connection Between Your Blog and Email List

With the Benchmark Email Lite plugin, you can add forms to your blog posts and sync them up to any of your email lists. This keeps your segmented lists organized and ensures you’re taking advantage of every opportunity to convert visitors into leads.

Don’t worry; once you integrate your Benchmark Email account with WordPress, your Benchmark contact list is automatically available. And for those with larger teams, our plugin allows you to control up to five separate Benchmark Email accounts!

Simplified Content Sharing

Effectively distributing your published content is a process. After researching, writing, editing, and finally hitting publish, it's crucial that as many people see it as possible. This typically involves making the rounds on social media, then examining where it might fit within drip campaigns and other email and sales outreach.

But, instead of moving between apps and jumping between browsers, you can create email campaigns right from your WordPress account. And if you like to double-check before hitting send (who doesn’t?), you can send a test email to yourself from within the dashboard. Capitalize on your newly published blog content by immediately sending it to subscribers who will benefit from it most. Or, schedule your blog email to be sent at a later time and day if that’s what you prefer.

Quality Analytics

Email engagement reports will display in your WordPress dashboard as soon as you send an email, so you can easily see how well your emails are performing without switching platforms. Plus, you can assess exactly where your emails are being opened by viewing our Opens by Geolocation data, as well as see which links in your emails are getting the most clicks.

Gain access to everything from bounces, open rates, unsubscribes, and forwards, including a visual pie chart that provides an at-a-glance performance breakdown of these email metrics.

Free Integration

You'd think that a WordPress plugin with such detailed features would be expensive. However, that's not the case with this particular marketing plugin. It's completely free for all Benchmark Email users.

Requirements for Using Benchmark's Email Marketing Software and WordPress Email Plugin

The requirements for using the Benchmark Email marketing plugin are simple. To start, you need a Benchmark Email account, a website built on WordPress, and the Benchmark Email's WordPress email plugin.

Sign Up for a Free Benchmark Email Account

This is a given, but you must have a Benchmark email account to use our email marketing solution. However, as previously mentioned, the process of signing up for an email account comes at no cost under our free plan. The entire process of creating and setting up the account takes less than 15 minutes.

To start, you’ll need to provide your first name, last name, phone number, and email address. You will also be required to provide your organization name, organization list size, and login information. Next, you'll need to create a password for accessing your account.

To get the most success out of our tools, you will be asked to specify what you wish to accomplish with Benchmark:

  • Connecting your eCommerce tools to Benchmark Email.
  • Sending email newsletters or drip campaigns to your customers.
  • Automating your email marketing service process.
  • Capturing more leads and growing your sales.

Sign Up for WordPress

You need to have a site or blog on WordPress before you can use the email plugin. Creating a WordPress account is easy and free, depending on your goal for creating the website. The first step is picking a domain name that corresponds to your organization or business.

You also need to sort out the hosting issues. Some of the available hosting services include GoDaddy and Namecheap. You will need to provide personal information like your name, email address, etc. Your budget plays a huge role in what you are going to select when dealing with hosting issues.

Next, install WordPress on your mobile device or create an account on your browser. Provide domain information and other essentials in the customizations phase. From the WordPress dashboard, you can explore all the functions of your WordPress blog. Customize the website to suit your taste.

There is a free plan if you want to try the WordPress features first before beginning your marketing activities. But the plan does not support the installation of plugins; it will only introduce you to the WordPress interface.

WordPress Email Plugin

To install the WordPress email marketing plugin, you need to open your WordPress dashboard. From there, click on the plugin tab. Then select "Add New" and search for "Benchmark Email Lite." Click "Install Now." Next, input your FTS or the FTPS username and password. The service provider or web host will provide this.

You can also install the plugin manually. First, download the plugin manually on your device or computer. Next, open the administrator sidebar of your WordPress website, and click on the plugin. Select the Add New tab and select the upload plugin option.
Click "Upload" and open the folder containing the downloaded plugin. Click on the "Upload Plugin" option and install. After installation, the next step is to activate.

Tips for Integrating Benchmark Email with WordPress Email Plugin

Log in to Your WordPress Account

Now it's time to integrate your Benchmark Email account with the WordPress email plugin. First, log in to your WordPress account and check your Benchmark Email WordPress plugin for updates. After confirming that it is up to date, click on the "Benchmark Email Lite" tab on the WordPress dashboard.

Obtain the Benchmark Email API Key

You will be prompted to provide the Benchmark API key, which is in your Benchmark Email account. After logging in to your Benchmark Email account, click on your username displayed at the top right corner.

Click on "Integrations" and wait for a new page to load. Click the "API Key" option on the left. This will provide your API key and the option for you to copy it.

Copy and Paste the API Key

Head back to your WordPress dashboard and open the "Benchmark" tab. Click on the "Administration" sidebar. Next, select the "Settings" tab. This will open the tab where you will paste the API Key.

Paste the API Key copied from your Benchmark Email account into the "Benchmark Email Credentials" tab. Then hit "Save."

Adjust the Widget

Next, move to the "Appearance" tab on the WordPress sidebar menu. From this tab, click on "Widgets." This will allow you to see the available signup form widgets.

Check carefully to ensure that the settings are correct and that everything is in the right place. You can also save multiple posts and pages to your email campaign from the page or post editor. Having confirmed that all settings are in place, you can then save the setup, completing the integration process.


As a marketer, one of your main concerns is converting site visitors to leads and effectively nurturing those leads to a sale. With the WordPress plugin for Benchmark Email, we make that process one less thing you have to worry about.

Make your life and your email marketing easier by integrating your Benchmark Email account with your WordPress website. Install the Benchmark Email Lite WordPress plugin today!