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Zapier Integration for Benchmark Email

Integrate with 1500+ of your favorite apps with just a click.

With our Zapier integration, you can integrate with more than 1500 other web services like Gmail, Evernote, Facebook and Google Docs. Now your Benchmark account is more powerful than ever.

Here are just a few ways you can automate your email marketing with the power of Benchmark and Zapier:

  • Add emails from your Gmail account to a Benchmark Email list.
  • Connect GoToWebinar attendees and registrants to your Benchmark Email account with ease.
  • Add Eventbrite attendees to a Benchmark Email list automatically.
  • Add Benchmark Email subscribers from Google Docs spreadsheet rows or send Benchmark Email subscribers to a spreadsheet.
  • Add subscribers to your Benchmark Email account with Wufoo.
  • Add customers to a Benchmark Email list or vice-versa automatically.
  • Pass contacts back and forth between Benchmark Email and Capsule CRM.
  • Pull your customer’s information from LiveChat and add it to a list in your Benchmark Email account.


How does it work?

The Zapier integrations allows for two functions. A push and a pull. If an individual signs up on one of your Benchmark Email signup forms, it will trigger a 3rd party app also integrated with Zapier into action. This could mean a Benchmark Email user is alerted to schedule a call or an appointment. Inversely, when someone interacts with one of the 3rd party services also integrated with Zapier, their email address can be pulled into your contact list. For example, if someone emails you in Gmail, their email address will be added to your Benchmark Email account automatically.