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Marketing Software Guide

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Marketing Software

Did you know that marketing software can be easy to use, easy to look at, and priced nicely?

If you’re interested in learning more about a simpler marketing software solution that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll break down what marketing software is, why your business needs it, and why BenchmarkONE is the cost-effective marketing software you need to make all your marketing tasks easier. possible.

What is Marketing Software?


Marketing software is any tool that assists your marketing team with their essential tasks, be it social media posting, sending targeted email campaigns, tracking and measuring strategy results, or capturing and storing customer data.

Do we sound like a broken record? If you’re all-to-familiar with marketing software and would rather skip the deep dive, get started with BenchmarkONE by signing up for our free plan now.

Why Your Business Needs
Marketing Software

Why Your Business NeedsMarketing Software

We live in a fast-paced, highly demanding world. And marketing is arguably the most fast-paced, demanding industry out there.

Every week there’s a new update or rollout that inevitably shakes things up, making teams scramble to adjust and perform.

Your business can’t afford to miss a step, otherwise, you could find yourself struggling to keep up with competitors and keep your business growing. But when you don’t have a ton of hands-on deck to help facilitate all the essential strategies to keep your business moving forward, what are you to do?

That’s where marketing software comes in. The right marketing software serves essentially as another pair (or two, or three) of hands, making rote tasks and processes easier to accomplish. When your team has access to tools that make them more efficient, you’ll be able to not only get more done but be smarter about what you’re prioritizing. You’ll also be able to see more results from your efforts, which will help you establish what strategies are worth the return.

What Makes BenchmarkONE’s
Marketing Software Different

Marketing Software Different

It’s true, there’s no shortage of marketing software out there. And when it comes to finding what you need, the experience can be quite overwhelming.

Some tools are so intimidating you can’t even begin to figure out what features you need to use and why. So, instead of learning how to use them, you never get started and feel burned out by the entire process.

We’re happy to assure you that BenchmarkONE is not that kind of marketing software. Our software was built from the ground up with small businesses and teams in mind. Teams that may not be totally experienced when it comes to running marketing campaigns. Our solution is anything but intimidating. Here’s what you get when you sign up for a plan with BenchmarkONE:

Marketing Software Simplified

Small and mid-sized businesses don’t need marketing software that gets in the way, is cost-prohibitive, or requires a rocket science degree (unless you already have one of those). What they need is a simple tool that helps keep contacts organized, captures new business online, and automates repetitive and mundane tasks that take away from core business.

BenchmarkONE’s simple-to-use, all-in-one marketing software helps businesses focus on driving new, inbound business and incorporates small business CRM, email nurturing, marketing automation, and more.

Sales & Marketing Software All-in-One

Sales and marketing are very close in most organizations, so it only makes sense that sales tools and marketing tools be so closely intertwined. Easily capture and drive new prospects on the marketing side and effortlessly hand them off to sales users within BenchmarkONE. Prospects will move through the pipeline, using automated nurturing, and all results will be captured. This helps marketing understand how the leads they drive affect sales; and sales understand how the prospect was captured, what emails they opened, and what their interests are. BenchmarkONE makes it easy to close the sales and marketing loop with one, easy-to-use software application.

The benefits of an all-in-one sales and marketing software solution include:

Lower overhead – BenchmarkONE has it all built-in, so you don’t have to purchase separate solutions, then worry about how they’ll “talk” to one another.
Better metrics –
With a closed-loop between sales and marketing, you’re able to make better business decisions by seeing the entire life cycle of a contact; from initial form submission to current customer.
Ease of use – By keeping everything in one tool, you’re not required to learn two separate tools that have two very different workflows and user experiences. Our goal is to give our customers an easy marketing software solution, period.

The Essential Marketing Software
Features that Come with Using

Essential Marketing Software

Let’s get specific. There are some must-have marketing capabilities that you’re probably looking for in your marketing software, like lead generation, email nurture, and customer data acquisition.

You can achieve all that and more with BenchmarkONE. Here are some marketing software features we have to offer:

Online Forms

Capturing new leads online is a very critical component of modern marketing software solutions. BenchmarkONE makes this easy with a drag-n-drop form builder that can be embedded on your website, hosted on our servers, or posted on your social network of choice. Keeping leads flowing is critical to any business and BenchmarkONE makes it easy to do just that.

Landing Pages

Every promotion or marketing campaign you create should direct people to a page where they can learn more and partake in your promotion. Whether it’s to download a whitepaper, watch a tutorial, grab a copy of an eBook, or sign up for an online course, landing pages are a must for sealing the deal. With BenchmarkONE, you can use our drag-and-drop builder to create beautifully designed landing pages, with forms built-in, that are customizable and match your branding.

Email Nurture

Keeping prospects and customers engaged with your company requires consistent attention. With BenchmarkONE, you can nurture prospects and customers by sending relevant and engaging email messages using simple, yet sophisticated tools. Our marketing software also allows you to track previous purchases and actions so you can send personalized emails that convert again and again.

Social Profile Import

Most people have a social network profile, which means most of your customers do too. Connect your social networks to marketing software and start engaging at more opportune times. With BenchmarkONE, you can connect with your prospects and customers and know them on a whole new level.