Introducing Smart Sending AI for email deliverability 🎉

As an email marketer, you know that the work behind building an email doesn’t pay off until it’s delivered to the inbox. Yet, email deliverability can be a challenge for even the most seasoned email marketing pros. At Benchmark Email, we’re doing the heavy lifting for you with Smart Sending AI.

Smart Sending technology is a machine learning tool built by the Benchmark Email team that automatically:

  • Boosts email engagement with your list
  • Improves your sending reputation
  • Increases overall email deliverability

In short, with Smart Sending AI, you get more emails to land in the inbox where your most important contacts are ready to engage with you.

Get Started with Smart Sending AI

Smart Sending AI works in the background of your Benchmark Email account. No need to opt in. Simply send from Benchmark Email with the reassurance that Smart Sending AI is behind the scenes to deliver your well-crafted emails into more inboxes with every send.

Whether it’s marketing automation, A/B testing, or Smart Sending AI, we have the tools email marketers need to easily and intelligently reach their audience.

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