We’re excited to announce a new way to sell more of your Shopify products and services – Benchmark Email’s Shopify Sync.

With our latest integration, you can easily send targeted, personalized emails to your Shopify customers. Staying top-of-mind to sell more, more frequently has never been easier.

How it works

With Shopify Sync, any customer segment in Shopify can be synced with a Benchmark Email list. As new contacts are added to your Shopify customer segment, your contact list will be automatically updated in Benchmark Email.

With your Shopify customers neatly and automatically up-to-date in your Benchmark Email lists, the sky’s the limit for customer outreach. Add Shopify customers to your monthly newsletter. Or send timely, targeted emails with Automation Pro. Use Shopify product blocks to promote your products to your synced lists.

Ready to leverage email marketing to take Shopify sales to the next level? It’s quick and easy to set up Shopify Sync – head on over to the knowledgebase to learn how.