Design Emails Quickly with the help of Smart Design AI Email Generator

You can say goodbye to the hassle of spending hours designing emails.  With Smart Design’s AI technology, designing email templates is easy. Using your brand assets, Smart Design will craft custom email templates that perfectly represent your organization in two minutes or less.

Based on our beta user feedback, we’ve made some major changes to improve the Smart Design experience.

Here’s what’s new and exciting:

  • Enhanced Templates: We’ve expanded our library of email templates to help you build even more beautiful emails. 
  • Design Control at Your Fingertips: The new interface empowers you to fine-tune your email design based on your color and image selections. AI is the assistant, but you’re the creative director!
  • Stay on Brand: Smart Design incorporates the assets from your Brand Kit, ensuring your emails are true to your brand every time. 

With these improvements, creating stunning, high-impact emails is easier than ever! Smart Design AI email generator is your companion in building custom, branded emails for your audience.

Ready to take Smart Design for a spin?

Simply head over to your Benchmark Email account, create a new email and let Smart Design work its magic.