If we’re driven by productivity and efficiency, then what we produce during that time also needs to both productive and efficient tools that keep generating momentum. As a rule, every single marketing piece you create needs to have a longer shelf-life than just the immediate use of that marketing piece. The same holds true for email marketing campaigns.

On average it can take anywhere from about 5 to 15 hours to create a customized email campaign. You need to formulate the template (if you’re using a new design), brainstorm a message, develop the content, and piece it all together before giving it a final look over. It’s an investment of your time – so shouldn’t your investment be something that can be maximized after the initial release?

It should and it does. Every single targeting email campaign that you send gets put into an archive. Yet, unlike your email archive, your email marketing campaign archive should be tapped into again and again. Here’s how.

Throwing Your Social Media Manager a Bone

The one person in your team that will love you endlessly if you share these email campaigns with them is your social media manager. Now, unless you’ve actually walked in their shoes, which I have, no one really understands how anxiety-ridden active social platform management can be. You’re constantly looking for content to share and cross-post. And if you’re following the rule of frequencies, you know there’s a fine ratio for how many re-shares you can do compared to direct links back to your site or product. And sharing contently directly from your site can seem ‘spammy’ while sharing blog posts have a more limited lifespan unless a specific subject pops up again.

However, email marketing campaigns are greatly underestimated. When you’re at a total loss for what to share, share an old email campaign. Looking for a specific post for a segmented audience? Try out an old email campaign catered to that segment.

There’s another reason that going through email archives is a good idea:

“Unlike a tweet from Twitter or a posting on Facebook, an archived version of your emails is static and likely to be indexed by search engines. You want your archived email to be listed in search engines so that people can find it in a keyword search. Two of the best ways to drive traffic to your email or HTML newsletter is to use Twitter and Facebook to draw attention.”

Yet another way to do that is through using email archives in the signature portion when commenting on forums and messages boards.

Breathing New Life Into Blog Content

Depending on how frequently you’re posting blogs, it can become pretty wearisome and taxing to keep developing ideas for and producing new blog fodder. If the same person managing your blog is also doing the writing, you can bet that they’re pretty burned out. Writing blog content is an extensive and exhausting task – if it’s done right. The time spent doing that takes away the time your blog manager could be curating new ideas.

That’s said, repurposing old email archives would be highly welcomed by this member of your marketing team. It only gives your content manager much needed breathing room, but it also gives them the opportunity to customize posts based on specific target markets that either use one-off email campaigns or that start looking at the bigger picture.

The benefit of giving social and blog managers access to archived segmented email marketing campaigns, is that it allows them to also see exactly what demographic you’re trying to reach and which campaigns were most successful. From there, then can duplicate the effort on the social and blog side of things. In fact, they can and should be working together to mirror efforts on both fronts.

Of course, it also helps if you expose your social and blog content manager to resource that help them learn how to maximize the tools at their disposal. If you don’t have an emailing marketing manager who can direct them, then take advantage of free training resources so you can optimize your campaign and make use of targeted marketing strategies.

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