A recent post by John Paul Aguilar on his Money Dummy blog entitled 4 Step Self Selling Strategy To Make Money Blogging is a clear, basic guide to the primary ways that bloggers can expand their financial horizons to earn more money than they can eke out of Google AdSense.

Tutors Make More Money than Lawyers

Aguilar starts out with a remarkable statement that tutors make more money than lawyers from Bergel Law; so many children are falling behind in their schoolwork that worried parents are shelling out fortunes.

Keying in on the aspect that there is profit in helping people achieve what they want, Aguilar extends the argument to bloggers giving their well-worn bank accounts a much-needed boost by assisting other bloggers.

The Four Basic Vectors for Bloggers to Make More Money

Aguilar breaks down the various methods bloggers can use to start stacking up those Benjamins to four basic vectors:

  1. Sell your consulting services – Whatever aspect of blogging you’ve been able to do well in, you can now offer assistance to other bloggers who aren’t as advanced as you are in that facet. Therefore, if you’re pulling in a big readership base, you can offer consulting on traffic; if you’re ranking high in Google, you can present yourself as an SEO blog expert; and if you’re an acknowledged wordsmith, then you can help your client write their blog posts in a clearer, more accurate and descriptive manner.
  2. Sell your production services – If you excel in a particular sector of blogging, you can offer your services on a freelance basis to other bloggers. You can serve as a ghostwriter to bloggers who don’t have the time, the inclination or the talent to write blogs successfully and on a reasonable frequency schedule; you can redesign logos and themes to be more visually attractive and relevant to the blog’s subject matter; and you can act as a publicist issuing press releases and getting a variety of media exposure for your client. No matter what you do well in the blogging industry, you can find clients who need your help and will hire you on a freelance basis to get the job done right.
  3. Sell your ebook – Aguilar suggests that now that Amazon has opened up the ebook publishing world with the Kindle, bloggers should be able to share what they know in the more in-depth and detailed manner possible with the much longer ebook format, which dwarfs the length of the average blog. Successful ebooks are based on rectifying an issue that your reader is having a problem with, so making it easy to take action with the information integrated in the ebook is the key to success and selling “on autopilot” long into the future.
  4. Sell your product – The only limit to the products that bloggers can offer is the imagination. Aguilar suggests original WordPress plugins; video training courses; and educational membership sites. The list can easily go on to include webinars, podcasts and extremely lucrative mobile apps. Being an expert in your particular market niche can also bring benefits in the creation of a wide range of other sellable products: You can sell your expertise to be a compensated speaker at a convention or conference; you can request payment for providing guru services on related online forums; and you can contract yourself out in a “rent an expert” format for corporate product launches or press conferences.

Aguilar takes the position that no matter how much you are currently earning as a blogger through your Google AdSense placements, you essentially have no control over that income since selling ads on your blog is controlled from the Googleplex. Since Google moves in mysterious ways, you wouldn’t be the first or last blogger to find out that your account has been cancelled due to some real or imagined violation of their byzantine terms and conditions. So take control now and diversify!