It’s called “Beta,” because there’s going to be a better (said with a Boston accent) version when all is said and done.

At least that’s the case with Automation Pro.

We’ve tested and retested, listened to your feedback and are thrilled to see Automation Pro operating in its full glory.

What Is Automation Pro?

It’s our powerfully simple and simply powerful tool that lets you easily send automated a series of emails that are triggered by website and email engagement.

The best way to succeed with email marketing is to cater to the needs of each and everyone one of your subscribers. The best way to do that is to make them feel like you understand their interests and that you’re paying attention to what they want from you.

With Automation Pro, it’s incredibly easy to map out paths for your contacts to be sent down. Actions such as subscribing to a list, opening or clicking on an email and visiting a specific webpage can trigger emails to send, subscribers to move lists, etc., making your marketing more efficient as you convert leads to sales and subscribers to loyal customers.

What Improved During the Beta Period?

Here are some of the improvements that have been made during the Automation Pro beta period:

  • Improved Email Editor speed
  • Automatically add a delay after the Send Email node to ensure your subscribers have time to engage with your campaigns before the next action is triggered
  • The Automation Pro coach is live to guide you through your automation creation experience
  • New strategy templates to help you get started quickly and effectively
  • Bug fixes and updates to ensure the best possible user experience

Every Marketer Needs at Least One Automation

Email marketing automation will save you time and help you earn more … while you do less.

There’s no excuse for not creating at least one automation.

A Welcome Series is triggered when a new subscriber is added to your list. It creates a unified experience for all new subscribers. It lets you provide the same warm welcome to each subscriber. It is as easy to understand as it is to build (which is very).

Strategy Templates to Get You Started

Aside from the aforementioned Welcome Series, we’ve created a template for that strategy and several others to help you get started with ease.

Check out these strategy templates:

Follow-up Series

This easy-to-use template lets you follow up with subscribers based on their engagement with an email campaign. It’s the next step for when your subscribers have been sorted to a goal-based list.

Promote and Target Opens

This template allows you to promote your business and send automated follow-ups to your most interested subscribers that opened the first email in your automation.

Promote and Target Clicks

This template allows you to automate follow-ups to your most engaged subscribers within a promotion. Those that have both opened and clicked on a link in the first email in your automation.

Promote and Target Opens, Clicks and Website Engagement

This template allows you to send personalized followups to your subscribers based on the type of engagement with your email campaigns.

Abandoned Cart

This template helps you make sure you’re not leaving leads in the shopping cart. Automate follow-ups with your hottest leads. Subscribers have placed items in your shopping cart but did not complete the purchase.

Feedback Request

Your subscribers are a wealth of valuable information. Use this template to request their feedback.

Review Request

Your happy customers will be thrilled to sing your praises. All you have to do is ask. This template helps you do that.


Fear Of Marketing Automation is real.

It’s also unnecessary when a tool like Automation Pro is available to you.

As you can see, we’ve done a lot of the legwork for you with our strategy templates. So, don’t let a fear of a lack of expertise or know-how get in your way.

You may also fear that you don’t have the manpower to use marketing automation. However, once you set up each automation the rest of the work is done for you. Spend less time, accomplishing more.

Automation Pro is included in all paid accounts, so there’s no reason to worry about budget restrictions either.

Automation Fridays

We’re hosting Automation Fridays every single Friday at noon PST.

Do you have questions about email automation? It could be about how to get started with automation or perhaps you have questions about a current automation you are trying to execute.

Join us and have your questions answered by our Director of Marketing, Daniel Miller. He may even jump right into an account and show you how to build it himself!

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