Last week Benchmark Email ran its Favorite Tech Week (Benchmark FTW) series. Benchmark bloggers and guests wrote about online tools and tech that help make their jobs easier. Best of all, Benchmark readers who commented and retweeted these articles had a chance to win a free Kindle Fire!

We’ve collected all of last week’s articles into one convenient spot right here for you to peruse at your leisure. Read on for the latest in technology. You might just stumble upon a gadget or tip that will make your business a digital dynamo.

Writer’s Block & More: Favorites of a Content Writer & Coordinator
by Shireen Qudosi
As a writer with a marketing background, my role has expanded from all phases of content creation to managing simple and complex projects. What both roles have in common is a high demand for impeccable organization skills. Read More…

A Content Editor’s Tools: Social Media and Smart Phones
by Nelson Ta
I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone. It’s that simple. For work and play, having a smart phone is almost as essential as breathing. As the Content Editor for Omnibeat, a thriving Social Media Marketing company, I have to constantly stay connected to the emerging stories and trends, my email inbox and the various social media sites. Read More…

Benchmark 5: Top Tech Tools I Can’t Get By Without
by Andy Shore
Since it’s Benchmark FTW (Favorite Tech Week), today’s Benchmark 5 features the 5 pieces of tech I can’t get by without. Read More…

Angle: Your iPhone’s Bluetooth Headset Partner
by Rod Tolentino
For Tech Week, I’d like to change it up a bit and point to a gizmo that I am eagerly anticipating: the iPhone Angle. More often than not, you may find dozens of similarities among concept designs for iPhone accessories or just iPhone prototypes. It’s truly amazing that even so, each concept presents a distinct kind of flavor that thrills more iPhone fans all over the globe. Read More…

Gmail: An Office Worker’s Best Friend
by Jessica Sanders
Working in an office, you get to know and start to prefer certain tools. Whether it’s your desktop calendar that keeps your life in order or the document management software that keeps your projects organized, there is always one thing you rely on to get your job done right. Read More…

How You Can Easily Construct a Silent PC: A 2 Part Series
by Hal Licino
It’s the second decade of the millennium and countless millions of people are swooshing, pinching and swiping their fingers across screens of portable devices that allow them connectivity and facilities undreamed of just a few years ago. Meanwhile you’re sitting bolt upright in your office or home, typing away at your QWERTY keyboard originally devised for a Remington typewriter of 1878, next to a big box the size of a suitcase that attacks your eardrums with a constant cacophony of irritating whining, rattling and whooshing that can barely be drowned out by playing an mp3 of System of a Down‘s Toxicity cranked up as loud as your speakers will go. You don’t have to put up with a roaring noisemaker on your desk, as with careful component selection you can construct a PC as silent as a kitten purring under the covers. Part 1, Part 2

5 Ways I Use Instagram & Pixlr-o-matic to Boost My Art Business
by Lori McNee
For centuries, artists have used tools to help improve their art. Technologies have vastly improved since the invention of the pinhole camera or camera obscura, which was used as a drawing aid by 15th – 17th century artists. Hundreds of years later, artists like myself are still exploring different tools to help advance our art and art businesses. Recently, I have been enjoying the popular mobile photo apps Instagram and Pixlr-o-matic. Read More…

TweetChat: A Water Cooler for the At-Home Parent
by Matt Peregoy
Many people make the choice to work from home or leave work altogether to stay at home and raise their children. This choice may be made out of convenience, necessity or conviction, but one thing that is not often considered by people who are choosing to stay at home is how much they will miss the everyday water cooler conversation. Read More…

How to Choose a CRM System for Your Small Business
by Will Hawkins
Choosing a CRM system for a small business can be a bewildering process. You only have to type “CRM” into a search engine to see how much choice there is on the market and what a big industry it has become. Read More…