We are thrilled to announce the launch of Benchmark’s newest feature: Landing Pages!

Take customer experience to the next level and grow your contact lists with Benchmark’s new landing page builder. In a few simple steps, you can create stunning, branded landing pages from scratch with our drag and drop builder. Need more help in the design department? Start with a simple landing page template and make it your own. 

Attract More Leads and Subscribers

Landing pages are crucial to generating ROI from your marketing campaigns. With Benchmark’s new landing page builder, you can create a page with hyper-targeted messaging that relates directly to the contacts on your email campaign. So, instead of sending a group of contacts to your homepage, you can send them to a landing page tailored to their journey – whether it’s a unique promotion, a new ebook or an updated online course.

Build Landing Pages with Ease

You’re too busy to learn the ins and outs of HTML and CSS. Our simple drag and drop builder means that ambitious marketers and busy business owners alike can create a landing page in a snap. Our tools allow you to flex your creative muscle and build the right page for your brand and your marketing campaign.

Leverage the Power of Email Automation

Benchmark forms can be embedded in any landing page you create. As contacts fill out your form on your landing page and are added to a list, you can trigger automations to further personalize their experience. Pairing Benchmark landing pages with Automation Pro technology unlocks huge opportunities. For instance, trigger an email course, send an ebook, reply with a schedule link, or email a discount code when contacts complete a landing page form.

Track Your Goals

When it comes to digital marketing, it’s tough to determine which strategies are working, and which ones aren’t effective. That’s why we’ve included the ability to track goals. Track lead generation goals with form submissions and evaluate engagement with link clicks. Simply turn on tracking goals to see at a glance which landing pages are performing the best.

With landing pages, you can tailor your marketing messages and personalize the customer journey for optimized campaigns that serve up the content your visitors want every time. You’re a few simple steps away from growing your contact lists, boosting conversions and streamlining your marketing strategy from prospect to customer. Happy building!