Having sat with my developer a week ago, trying to drum up ideas for copywriting our email marketing pop-ups for my personal blog, I discovered one small crippling fact. Even though I’m a professional writer, email marketing and marketing manager, I was at a bit of a loss on how to best copy write our email subscription pop-up. And then I thought, if this is what I’m experiencing, then how many of you out there are facing the same problem?

As a marketing manager, I know that email subscription pop-ups are a rare beast to write for, namely due to three reasons:

    1. You’re writing a very punctuated set of value-based copy that is purely conversion driven.
    2. You’re writing it like it’s a headline, but it’s not a headline.
    3. Copywriting your email marketing pop-up means you need to be able to pin down the number one call to action and reason for conversion in about 1 line. The other lines might be action oriented or identifying value, but verbiage encouraging others to join comes down to one line.

Undoubtedly, this is hard. Very hard. It’s also a great exercise that helped me further developed laser like focus on why a website exists – and it’ll do the same for you. Yet, you’re probably not a professional writer and it might help you to see what other email marketing pop-up subscriptions look like.

Some websites take an introductory approach since their content is so unique. Take this template for an example which offers a value sign-up options that offers a free webinar:

New to (state your service industry)?

Join our 30-minute webinar to learn how to (state service) on (state date and time) If you’re website is offering valuable information, you can also trigger an email-pop up that might be slightly unscrupulous to some, but it requests a sign up in order to continue browsing through the site. Of course, a user could just exit the opt-in button, but most won’t. That copy would read like this:

Please Register or Sign-in to Continue.

Enter your email address to gain unlimited access to our website. You’ll also receive other exclusive benefits by joining (state your name here)

Enter your email address to create a FREE ACCOUNT

Another option is to get straight to the value and offer a direct download via an email subscription pop-up. Rather than baiting users with a free download once they sign up and confirm their email (two steps to take for a future reward), you can offer an immediate down load (and immediate gratification). Here’s what that might look like:

Download Your Free (Item) Resource:

Get (state what it is they’re receiving in one brief line)

  • Bullet point 1, identifying value received from free downloadable item
  • Bullet point 2, also no more than 3-5 words
  • Bullet point 3, no more than 3-5 words

Where should we send your (item)

[Create fields for name and email address] [include colored call-to-action button for “enter,” creatively labelled “download (item)”]

Once you’ve mastered the copy for your email marketing pop-up, switch over the analytics to see which versions prove to be the most successful. You should have multiple versions of email pop ups throughout your site, timed with intelligence to capture the highest rate of subscribers.