Recent articles on MarketingProfs have highlighted how as our always-connected lifestyle becomes more integrated into our daily activities, email marketing still maintains a significant edge over all other channels when it comes to engaging any customer base. Some of the statistics are truly awe-inspiring such as the figure where the number of active users of email is about twice as large as the entire user base of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ combined!

1 LinkedIn icon = 3.3 x CTR

This is not to say that social media doesn’t have catalyzing effects on email marketing per se. The Average Email Click Through Rate (CTR) for emails worldwide which are composed without social sharing access is 2.4% but the simple act of just plunking in a few social media icons will increase that to a remarkable 6.2%. LinkedIn is the most responsive of social networks as including that link in your emails will bring the CTR to a completely astounding 7.9%. One icon and your CTR is up by nearly three and a third times what it would be without that icon. All of a sudden the excuses made by email marketers who are not riding on the crest this massive social media wave start to sound like the ones made by the lottery ticket winner who doesn’t cash it in since all that money would negatively impact their pauper lifestyle.

Are 7 out of 10 marketers stuck in 1995?

In 2011 18.3% of all email marketers included social sharing icons in their missives and that figure jumped to 29.4% just one year later. The question which continues to surprise is: What are the other 70.6% thinking? The sheer fact that over seven out of ten email marketers are either too lazy or social-phobic to stick a social media icon into their messages indicates that there is still much progress to be made in convincing this unfortunate majority that it isn’t 1995 any longer and social media isn’t a 2400 baud CompuServe BBS.

Go to Asia Pacific & more than double your open rate

Matching a coherent social media strategy to the email messaging which is most appropriate for your customer base geography can also provide considerable boosts in those treasured results. Studies quoted on MarketingProfs show that if you’re limiting your email marketing to the United States, you may be suffering from the lowest unique open rate among major nations in the world at just 18.9%. Go north of the border to Canada and your open rate for the same campaign will jump to 24.2%, while if you cross the big pond to the Asian Pacific nations you can watch your open rate zoom to 31.5%. CTR is similarly impacted, with the USA stuck at 3.3%, Canada zooming to 5.8%, and the Asian Pacific countries all the way up to 7.1%.

Education is the top performing email marketing sector

Industry sectors also have an enormous impact on your CTR and open rates. The median unique open rate for Education is 26.2% but falls all the way to 13.4% for Computer Hardware, Telecom & Electronics (CHTE). Other top performers in the open rate stakes include Consumer Products at 23.8%, Financial Services at 22.0%, Computer Software at 21.4%, Retail at 21.3%, and Consumer Services at 21.2%. On the CTR side, the winner is still Education at 5.8%, followed by Healthcare at 4.2%, Consumer Services at 3.9%, Retail at 3.8%, and Consumer Products at 3.6%. If you’re in the CHTE marketing business now might be a good time to cry on your circuit boards, as not only is your industry sector at the bottom of the open rate statistics but also in CTR at 1.5%. Some simple math shows that for every 1,000 emails sent, the Education sector will receive 7.6 times more clicks than the CHTE one!

We may soon be able to talk to our glasses and get real time heads-up displays of just about anything we can think of but even in that future world verging on sci-fi, you can bet your entire budget that email marketing will still be a powerful and effective way of reaching consumers everywhere!