Although email marketing and SEO campaigns are made up of very different components and utilize different tools, they both ultimately share the same goal – driving traffic to your website.

Simply implementing an email marketing campaign into your business strategy will not directly impact SEO results, because search engines can’t rank and crawl emails like they do web page listings. However, there are tactics involved in email marketing that help steer audiences to your company’s website and social media pages, thus furthering SEO initiatives.

Email Marketing Tactics to Help Boost SEO

Encourage Engagement

SEO marketing professionals know the key to building authority for your site is making it popular.

The more time someone spends on a page, the more Google values it. Email marketing can help encourage consumers to engage on your blog or social media pages by persuading them to leave comments or share on their pages. Interacting with your social media pages or blog helps you gain exposure and also increases the time spent on your pages.

Sending out mass emails can also drive more people to your website than ever before. By creating powerful messages about your product or service and linking them back to landing pages on your website through a button or image, you are boosting SEO.

Ongoing Engagement is Even Better

Convincing people to leave comments and share your social media and blog posts once or twice is helpful, but attracting regular followers and subscribers is much more beneficial.

Give your email subscribers (and non-subscribers) the option to sign up for more specific emailing lists, such as daily or weekly emails. Also, encouraging subscribers to follow your social media channels by sending previews of social content to entice them can be helpful. For example, send a few images from your Instagram with a link to your profile, telling people they can view more if they follow you.

Turn Emails into Blogs

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way Google could track the content in e-newsletters?

Well, repurposing the content into blog posts and loading it up with keywords is a great solution that directly impacts SEO. It also gives people who are not email subscribers a chance to see the content. If an email is too short to be used a blog post, you could either add external content to it or combine multiple short emails into one blog.

Choose the Right Email Service Provider

Choosing the right Email Service Provider (ESP) is crucial for an email marketing campaign for a number of reasons, including SEO.

For your campaign, the ESP will provide you with an IP address, reporting and analytics including clicks and bounce rates, and most importantly, assistance with Internet Service Providers (ISP). The relationship between the ESP and ISP can get quite complex during an email marketing campaign, which is why choosing an ESP that will manage that relationship properly is essential.

Incorporate Email into SEO

Although it would make life easier for SEO marketers if search engine results included content and keywords from emails directly, it is still extremely valuable to implement email marketing campaigns for their indirect benefits to SEO. Being creative and thinking outside of the box is required when it comes to developing new ways of boosting SEO.