So, you’re ready to start using one of the most effective marketing techniques ever: email marketing. However, there’s a problem: your email list is too small. Luckily there are numerous tried and true strategies to help you grow it. 

So whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for new ways to boost your subscriber counts, here are ten ways to grow your email list as an e-commerce brand.

1. Pop-Ups are your new best friends.

Many people hate pop-ups. Why? Because they are annoying and your neighbor says they are annoying so they are annoying. Well, what makes them annoying?

The thing is that pop-ups are perceived as annoying because of the ways they are misused by companies. For example, intrusive pop-ups that dominate most of your screen and are impossible to exit will definitely make you grunt. At the same time, having pop-ups appear every time a visitor lands on a new page is probably just as irritating.


The solution is simple. Make your pop-ups reasonably sized, valuable and provide an easy way to close them. Moreover, making your pop-up appear once or twice is more than enough for the visitor to make up their mind. Also, make the text concise and your call to action clear.

2. Discounts can work miracles.

Discounts and coupons are a blessing from above. At least, that’s what most of your potential customers are probably thinking and the way you should be thinking, too.

Discounts are proven to be a very effective tool when it comes to nearly any action you want your online store visitors to complete. As long as you don’t give too big of a discount, you won’t be losing value. It’s a win-win.

Ask your visitors to select the products they are interested in and then offer them a relevant discount in exchange for their email address. They will probably be more than happy to do so if it means saving money.

3. People love free stuff.

Who doesn’t like giveaways? They give your potential customers a chance to get something of value completely free of charge.

In fact, giveaways are the first thing you should be doing to get your brand discovered. With the help of social media shares, they can attract a lot of attention to your e-commerce business. Logically, if you have been looking for a way to get extra exposure, this is your solution.

When hosting a giveaway, make sure that you do it with the help of a social media platform so that there are more people who get the word about it. In addition to that, make one of the requirements for participation subscribing to your newsletter and voila!

4. Improve your email content to keep them hooked.

One of the best ways to grow your email list is to improve your email content in order to keep your current subscribers hooked.

Just think about it. Even if you get many subscribers, your email marketing will be of no use as they will start unsubscribing due to the lack of quality content from you.

A simple solution is to use an online writing service to save you time and start creating content for your emails. 

Promotions, discounts, great visuals, and interesting articles – that’s what makes a good email.

5. Don’t overlook autoresponders.

Another way to keep your subscribers on your email list is by implementing autoresponders into your strategy.

First, you must research your audience and segment your list. Make sure that you have located at least these two types of subscribers:

Transactional: Subscribers who have purchased from you, abandoned their cart, or registered for your store will receive one type of emails.

Informational: Subscribers who want deals and content but haven’t made a purchase will receive another type of emails.

Once you have these sorted out, you can take into account other criteria of your choice and then start creating autoresponders for certain actions your subscribers complete. This will keep them engaged and prevent them from falling off of your email list.

6. Make them fight for it.

While that might sound harsh, you must admit that contests provide an amazing environment for competition.

Just like giveaways, they can attract a lot of attention to your brand and get you extra exposure. They should also be hosted on social media platforms, but the difference is that there is a bit more your followers need to do for a chance to win.

Contests should have rules and requirements as well as a purpose – something that your followers must create that will then be judged. You can make one of the requirements signing up to your email. After the contest is over, give out prizes to the winners and provide a discount for all the participants.

7. Long live signup forms.

“Nobody canceled signup forms. You can have pop-ups and giveaways and so on, having a signup form on your website is still the standard for any email newsletter strategy” says Estelle Leotard, Writer at WOWgrade.

Truly, signup forms are often forgotten in the frenzy of looking for new ways of getting email subscribers. Still wondering how to grow your email list? Use signup forms!

In order to make the form appear on every page your visitor goes to, add it either to the footer or header. You can also place it on the about and contact pages as well as at the end of your articles if you have a blog.

Another place to consider is a thank you page. This is the one your customer gets sent to after they’ve completed a purchase or download. At this moment, they are more likely to sign up as they have already had a good experience with you.

8. Landings pages combined with email. Period.

This is a truly genius idea, isn’t it?

Create a landing page with a great piece of content such as an evergreen article on a topic that is very relevant to your audience. Then, add an email signup form either at the end or at the beginning. Finally, drive traffic to the landing page with the help of ads or other methods.

9. Share the love.

Actually, it’s not only about giving shout outs to other brands or customers but also about collaborating with other similar e-commerce brands just like you.

For example, you can host a massive or contest to create a giant email list. 

Alternatively, you could guest post on each other’s blogs or shout out each other on social media. The opportunities are endless!

10. Keep it old-fashioned.

You may be wondering, “What is the old-fashioned way?” Well, it’s simply acquiring subscribers through a purchase made on your website.

Most people are hesitant to give out their personal information. They may have had negative experiences with other companies before they came across your store, so they may be not as happy to give you even as much as their last name.

This is why most companies only ask for the first name and email address when someone wants to make a purchase. Just remember to tell your customers that you need their email to confirm their purchase. You can ask them for subscription later in that same confirmation email.

All in all, growing your email list as an e-commerce brand doesn’t have to be that difficult. Once you figure out these simple tactics, you will be able to set up your email marketing strategy and start increasing your sales exponentially.