One of the most popular benefits we like to tout about email marketing is the cost savings. Being able to save money is always good, but this tried and proven method can also help you conserve something we can never get back: time. Combined with a variety of promotional techniques, the one-two of savings and efficiency is rounded out by email’s chameleon-like ability to not only engage one set of customers but also stand you in good stead with a whole other segment, one who may be piqued by different aspects of the same campaign. Today I’ll cover some tactics that can increase the efficiency of your email marketing while withdrawing a modicum of your time.

Recycle Old Content

There is nothing stopping you from using content that worked for previous email marketing campaigns in future programs as long as it is still relevant, valuable and can intrigue your new audience. This is especially the case when you are constantly welcoming new subscribers to your mailing list. You don’t have to limit yourself to email content either, as old blog posts and other content can benefit the cause just the same. Developing new content is one of the most time-consuming (some would say tedious) aspects of email marketing, so by recycling your old material, you can save lots of time and enjoy the added benefit of good results all over again.

Remember, however, that “recycle” is the operative word – use the portions of a former campaign that will appeal to a new segment and do not simply pull up an old program and send it along without an attentive glance at its original context.

Reuse Your Templates

Another time consuming aspect associated with email marketing is the design process. Even when you have a great email template and superb HTML coding skills, creating a design still takes time if you want your message to look good. You can save yourself valuable hours by reusing your previous templates. Gather a collection of good templates and they will take your marketing even further. Choose ones that your readers will associate with your brand – it may even help you gain traction in their busy inbox.

Automate Your Marketing

From lead generation to campaign deployment, these robust systems enable you to literally put your marketing on cruise control. Complete marketing automation solutions can be complex and expensive, but you don’t have to break the bank to automate your efforts. In fact, the tools you need to reap the benefits of automation are probably already at your finger tips. All it takes is the proper use of profile data to create triggered and drip campaigns that keep your marketing message in front of an audience of interested subscribers. This type of campaign offers the ability to keep your emails flowing like clockwork while you focus on other important objectives.

While email marketing is not a complex undertaking, it is made up of so many components that time can easily become an issue. Luckily, there are plenty of actions you can take to free up some of that time and devote it to online, social or further email campaigns. The time-saving strategies mentioned in this post and others you will encounter are all about working smarter instead of harder.