As you’re planning out your 2016 marketing calendar, one of the items on the agenda will be your email marketing efforts. How most team meetings come at this is, as with anything else, through deciding what sort of goals they want to reach.

“We want 20% more subscribers within every quarter.”
“We want more social shares from each campaign.”

The list of desirables goes on and on. And that’s exactly what they are – desirables – until someone pops up to question how exactly this is going to be achieved.

If you’re doing the same thing in 2016 that you were doing in 2015 – where you saw perhaps marginal growth – then it’s unrealistic to expect that those numbers are going to grow with the same game plan.

You’re going to need a new strategy, and video might just be that strategy. Here’s why video works, in addition to video email marketing campaigns being statistically liked by readers, one focused strategy over the course of the year is better than multiple scrambled and distracted efforts to do something noteworthy. And there are a lot of different ways to approach video, including the ideas below:

Tell Your Origin Story

You might not be X-men but you have the mutant powers it requires to launch a start-up successfully. If you’re an enterprise, you’re origin story is a great anchor to show some soul to your company and remind people how you got here. People love origin stories; it gives them something to rally around. Business forums, groups, websites, journalists, etc. also love successful and reflective origin stories as a source of inspiration to others.

Introduce Your Team

Make it fun. People tend to freeze up with a camera in their face. So rather than a lot of nervousness and your staff wandering in their own direction, formulate a list of 20 questions to ask them. Then edit the video to show a collection of answers and even bloopers, showcasing one team member a month or week. Not everyone needs to answer the same question, which keeps it more interesting.

Put A Face On The CEO

Since CEOs tend to be the least visible person as start-ups shift into enterprises. The great leader also won’t want the attention on them (and they don’t have the time) so it might be worth it to think out of the box. Maybe record the CEO part of the weekly meeting, edited to share with members so they feel like they’re part of your team too?

How To Videos Always Work Well

Shama Hyder of Marketing Zen proves that with her recent release of informational short videos. What makes her videos different? She offers teasers on Facebook.

Never Make Another Sales Pitch Again…

…with a video about your services. A friendly video that talks about how you are and what you do is worth every second you put into it. You can have a general version and then some more specific versions that dig deeper into services and features.

Once you have a collection of videos, the next question is figuring out how to showcase them creatively. If you have a newsletter archive, this isn’t where you want your video campaigns shoved. Instead create a “news reel” tab on your home page or under “media” or “about us,” and place your clips there.