Many of you may have noticed an exciting new change with Benchmark Email. That’s right: We’ve introduced a brand new logo. We love it, and are certain you will too. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. A peek at what’s to come.

We’ve formed a brand new design team, headed by our own TJ Taylor. I sat down with TJ to discuss what’s on the horizon here at Benchmark Email.

Andy Shore: What went into the thought process for a new Benchmark Email logo?

TJ Taylor: Eric Tordesillas [a Benchmark Email designer] created several different logos, and after reviewing all of them we came up with things we liked about the different ones. We took all those ideas and put them into one logo. The script font that spells ‘Benchmark’ is Wisdom Script, which we thought added a friendliness to the logo. The ‘Email’ part of the logo is a sans serif font, Museo, which we thought brought a professional aspect to the logo. The end result was a logo we could all identify with.

AS: What should Benchmark Email users expect in terms of design in the coming months?

TJT: The design is going to get a lot more personal. We are trying to create a new design that users can identify with and really make Benchmark Email a place people want to be.

AS: Why will the new design set Benchmark Email apart?

TJT: The design will set Benchmark Email apart, because we are really trying to have our own style to reflect the owners and everyone here at Benchmark. We want to accurately portray ourselves to our customers.

AS: What do you want Benchmark Email users to know about the new design?

TJT: Users should know that more new stuff is coming, and exciting things are happening here at Benchmark Email. The new design isn’t just for a facelift, it is to create a more enjoyable experience for our users and to ultimately make our tool better.

AS: How might the work coming from the design team benefit Benchmark Email users?

TJT: In the new designs, we are testing them as if we are users. If a design doesn’t make Benchmark Email easier to understand or use, then the design gets cut.  Our goal for the new design is to have it be a place where users don’t mind doing the work they have to do and actually make it enjoyable.