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The Benchmark Internet Group Launches Bulk Email
Dedicated Server Program

The elite, affordable service helps bulk email senders build solid reputations with ISPs

LONG BEACH, Calif. (PRWEB) March 27, 2007 — The Benchmark Internet Group has launched a world-class Bulk Email Dedicated Server Program, specifically designed for permission-based, high-volume email senders. The new service, targeting customers that send at least 250,000 emails a month, not only gives clients their own IP address and server space, but helps them foster goodwill with Internet service providers.

“Our program gives bulk senders and companies with a large Internet presence the unique opportunity to build great reputations with ISPs,” says Curt Keller, CEO of The Benchmark Internet Group. “If clients use our service, emails sent from them will always feature the same IP address. We also use SPF as one of our authentication schemes. By using a permission-based list and good practices, our bulk email clients come across as trustworthy with ISPs, improving delivery rates and their overall reputation as a sender.”

Benchmark’s Bulk Email Dedicated Server Program also gives clients the distinct advantage of not having to share IP addresses with other email senders. By sharing IP addresses with senders using less-than-stellar practices, the delivery rates of even the most reputable customers can suffer.

Another bonus of the program is individual care and support from Benchmark’s specialized help team, which is constantly updated on the latest filtering methods of ISPs. The group works on behalf of clients to resolve any and all delivery issues. This empowers customers to send thousands of emails an hour or millions of emails a month, all without the headache of negotiating directly with ISPs.

As a company, Benchmark is committed to creating affordable, Web-based services for customers, and the Bulk Email Dedicated Server Program is no exception. Benchmark’s monthly and annual packages cost up to 30 percent less than the average retail price for this type of service. The program is also highly flexible, empowering customers to send everything from transaction emails to mass alerts on new products and services. For more information, visit the online home of Benchmark’s Bulk Email Dedicated Server Program.

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