Before your readers even get to your email campaigns, they need to get past the subject lines. The fact is, no matter how great your email marketing campaign might be – it might all be for nothing if you can’t pin down a series of high conversion email marketing subject lines.

Email marketing campaigns for retail are motivated by aesthetics, but the theme around what those aesthetics will look like are ultimately content-driven. This is where you email campaign and your subject line can go hand in hand. Take the following, for example:

Top 20 Under $20

Lists work. Always. On the same note, lists for types of buyers work really well too. Take for instance, “Gifts for Dad” or “Gifts for Your Mother-in-Law.” By the way, I’ve never seen that later idea used ever. Consider it a freebie. There’s also a great one that I saw a while ago, titled “10 Gifts for little ones.” In that vein of thought, lists featuring celebrities always work well and have a pretty high social conversion. People want to get punctuated ideas about what the options are – and we love to see which of our favorite celebrities are sporting the same.

My absolute favorite subject line for a list was inspired by Refinery29: “The broke girl’s guide to a luxury vacation.” It’s perfect for their demographic; it plays on a popular TV show with a similar name, and it is something most of us can relate to.

You’re Invited!

An invitation begs our consideration. Whether it’s an online sale, a survey opportunity or an in-store event, the formality of an invitation turns any marketing strategy into a social affair. You’re invited also makes people feel special, which fosters warm and fuzzy feelings from your consumer to your brand.

Free Product with Purchase

Everyone loves a free product. The goal here is to offer the product, but not mention what it is. Only clicking the email should give a reader access to the free product. In order to get them excited about the free product, try including a video of it as well. One the subject of deals, Groupon had a great email marketing line that was cheeky: “Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)” It gets you curious about Steve…and you click on it hoping to find out a little bit more about Steve.

Last Chance for…

Creating a limited time opportunity is a sure fire way to get a consumer’s attention. The feeling of rushing to get something that only has limited availability also works for holiday sales. Holiday sales, especially around summer and winter, are always a winner. The same also goes for when something “ends today.” In a nutshell, language around windows of opportunity initiate action because we feel like it’s a temporary offer.

So the next time you’re at the drawing board trying to drum up a great subject line, turn to some of these curated winning examples for inspiration.