Have you ever spoken with someone for the first time and they’re so easy to talk to, you feel like you already know them? That, my friends, is Wil Reynolds. The CEO and founder of SEER Interactive not only runs a hyper-successful SEO, PPC and Analytics Consulting firm, he inspired us to create the Heart of Business podcast.

When we watched Wil’s MozCon speech on doing Real Company Stuff (RCS)–telling your story, creating great content, and going beyond the marketing status quo–-our team was so fired up, the idea of starting a podcast finally became a reality. Wil has been the ultimate mentor to Heart of Business, and here’s what he shared with us on our podcast:

1. Stop worrying about meta keyword tags

For the past few years, Reynolds has stopped pushing meta keyword tags in SEER’s SEO plans for clients. Why? Because they’ll no longer take you up search ranks. Meta keyword tags simply don’t matter anymore, so work on other ways to build up your base.

2. Google PageRank is practically irrelevant

Google’s page rank is yet another thing to drop from your SEO repertoire. Not only is Google page rank updated infrequently – sometimes only several times per year – you’re better off creating massively shareable content and ignoring PageRank altogether.

3. Data + storytelling = the new SEO

When Wil Reynolds hires employees, he looks for a certain type of person: Someone who is good at slicing and dicing data, but also knows how to tell a story. Take this approach to your SEO. Focus on your analytics, but spend equal time on storytelling and excellent content.

4. Terrible optics will sink your brand

When the CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines sat courtside during a Miami Heat game, while more than 4,000 of his customers sat stranded on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico, it not only offended people following the story, it seriously damaged the Carnival brand. If you own a company, your image is not just important, it is your brand, so be thoughtful about your actions because the world is always watching. Read more about brand rep at the SEER Interactive blog.

5. Giving back and giving good business are not mutually exclusive

For many years, Wil has given his heart to the sick and less fortunate, from visiting hospitals and cheering up ill children to volunteering with Alex’s Lemonade Stand to raise awareness for childhood cancer. So, not only is the SEER team top-notch, employees routinely give back, from finding homes for pets to building wells in Africa. SEER has won numerous business awards, but, a culture of giving back is the soul of the company. To follow Seer’s lead, donate your time and money as an individual – or a company – whenever it’s possible.

Wil was one of our most candid guests, giving thoughtful and inspiring answers to a long list of SEO and marketing questions. These tidbits are just a sample of what we learned on the podcast, so listen to the show to get the whole RCS experience.