An email newsletter is one of the most effective marketing tools for real estate agents. Not only can newsletters help establish you as an expert in the field and give you access to ongoing communication with new clients, but they can also give you an advertising edge with a targeted audience.

Here are 5 ways to refocus your real estate newsletter:

1. Clean Your Email List

Dump the hard bounces, the never openers and even the soft bounces if emails have bounced back several times. Streamline the list of your email newsletter recipients to include only the addresses of subscribers who have actively expressed interest.Continuously shave down the list of subscribers to those who consistently respond to the newsletter and prove that their account is still active. The newsletter contains the most recent developments and critical information your real estate venture has to offer. Knowingly distribute your newsletter to active subscribers who are more likely to respond to the updates and circulate the information through social media platforms.

2. Get a New Template

Freshen up your newsletter by getting a new template and make sure it’s social media friendly. It is increasingly important for your newsletter and email marketing content to have sharing capabilities on various social networks.A new template for the newsletter not only refreshes the look of your content but social networking will continue to share the information to potential clients.

3. Use Video in Emails

Don’t stop at just a virtual tour. Use testimonials and even videos promoting or touring an area that you sell in.The virtual tour presents clients with images of what could be their future estate. Complete the sale with testimonials from satisfied clients who can express their content with enthusiasm and appreciation. Provide your clients with not only the opportunity to view properties online but with the peace of mind that comes with picking the right agency.

Even videos promoting or touring an area that you sell in should be included in your emails. These can be extensive video projects or simple 30 second clips from a cell phone. Whatever best suits the need.

Videos are increasingly easy to share through social media and are a great medium for real estate sales.

4. Kick up Your Subject Lines

Creating compelling titles for your newsletter is the difference between casual glances and actually getting subscribers to open your email. Subject lines are the anchor text or most noted portion of the articles people find in your newsletter.It is important that titles are crafted with social media sharing in mind. These sites tend to limit the amount of characters to display for the purposes of quick reading. Structure your titles to be social media friendly by making them as short and to the point as possible.

5. Promote Your Brand

You’re used to promoting houses and condos and business properties, but have you sent an email promoting your agency brand? Occasionally, send an email focusing on Yelp reviews, awards you’ve won, etc., instead of using a non-stop stream of sales-heavy emails.Though you’re in the business of promoting for others, occasional self-promotion is as necessary to your agency as it is for the properties you manage. Indirectly remind subscribers of the exceptional services you provide through the words of others.