“Sales is sales, what does it matter who you’re selling to?” As you can imagine, that kind of thinking has brought down more than one business in the past.

There are two types of internet marketers, business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B). While fundamentally they are the same (both types are purchasing products from you), the way you approach each customer and the relationships that you build with them are quite different.

With B2C marketing you are selling directly to the consumer. The most important thing in B2C marketing is the final sale. Once they buy your product your relationship with the consumer is all but over unless there are shipping problems or product malfunctions.

B2B marketing on the other hand is all about relationships and communication. A successful B2B marketer is focused on the long term and gives their business customers an in depth education about their products: white papers, conferences and webinars.

But you have to start somewhere and that somewhere is with a sting B2B email newsletter. Here are a few pointers on the types of content that can kickstart a successful B2B marketing relationship.

New Products

Let your business clients know as soon as you add new products or services to your catalogue. Remember, you aren’t as much selling your products to your business customers as you are showing them how exciting and innovative these new products are. Get them excited and they will turn that excitement into sales.


What’s happening in your industry? Are there hot topics that you think your business clients should know about? Your email newsletter is the ideal forum for keeping all of your customers up to date on the latest trends and game changing sales tactics.

Interview Clients

Not everyone is a pro salesman and most of us would be more than willing to admit that there is some aspect of our business that bears improvement. Interview one of the more prominent businesses you work with and ask them to impart some of the wisdom they have gained over the years to your other clients.

Eyes to the Future

Let your readers know what you have planned in the upcoming weeks, months and even years. While it may be hazardous to guess what the future will hold, sharing your plans and hopes for your business can only strengthen your relationship with your clients.


This topic seems self explanatory but is often overlooked. If you find yourself getting asked the same question by a number of different clients, include a frequently asked questions section in your newsletter. Address the most commonly asked questions but make sure to let your clients know that you are always available to answer other questions they may have.

Recent News

Compile a list of interesting news articles related to your industry for your clients to read. Like I mentioned earlier, the more information you give your clients relating to your industry, the better they will be at translating that information to consumers.

B2B marketing is all about content. Your emails need to be engaging, entertaining and above all, informative. The more informed your business customers are about your products and practices, the stronger and more lucrative your relationship will be.