Hey everybody! Sorry I missed last week’s digest. To be fair, it was in the name of love.

We kept the episodes rolling every weekday, while I was in Chicago for a couple of weddings.

The good news is, my best man speech went well … and we’re back with the blog digest of our most recent episodes of the Clues for the Clueless Email Marketer podcast (my employers may question the order I placed those in).

Growing a List: Location

Location! Location! Location! We talked about the importance of timing last episode, but one factor in that timing is where on the page a signup form is located. Do you want your form above-the-fold, in the sidebar or the footer? Listen to find out.

Growing a List: Popup vs. Standard Embed Signup Forms

In this episode, we talk about the times you’ll want to use a popup signup form or a standard embeddable one. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. Learn when to employ each of them to grow your list.

Growing a List: Exit-Intent Signup Forms

If a visitor leaves your website without subscribing to your list, they may be gone for good. Don’t let that happen! Catch them on their way out the door with an exit-intent signup form. Learn how in this episode.

Growing a List: Freebies, Discounts & Special Offers

Last episode we talked about the exit-intent signup form. There are a few different approaches you can take with that strategy. This episode discusses using them to offer freebies, discounts and special offers.

Growing a List: Shopping Cart

We continue talking about the different types of exit-intent pop-up forms by discussing the shopping cart. If someone places an item in your eCommerce shopping cart but doesn’t make a purchase, you can catch them on the way out with a popup signup form. Then you can follow-up afterward to convince them to complete their purchase.

Growing a List: Related Products

Sometimes, consumers don’t know what they don’t know. They may have come to your site without knowing what they should be looking for, found something similar, but not exactly what they wanted. So, they give up and click to exit your site. Enter the Related Products Exit-Intent Popup Signup Form.

Growing a List: Feedback

The last of the exit-intent popup signup forms that we discuss is one for receiving feedback. If you ask a site visitor for feedback on their experience on your website, you may find out why they didn’t decide to make a purchase. It will make your customers feel valued as well.

Writing Compelling Copy to Grow a List: Voice

In addition to touch points and timing, the words you put on your signup form matter when it comes to growing your list. Part of that is the tone or personality that your words carry. That’s what is called the “voice” of your copy.