The wide variety of today’s real estate brokerage business models affords the property buyer and seller a much greater spectrum of options than ever before, including essentially DIY selling where a basic FSBO is supported by an MLS listing with no additional services. Focusing your email newsletter campaign to outline the countless tasks that traditional full service real estate agents perform in order to bring a property transaction to a successful closing can help your clients understand the true value of your professional expertise. Each of the following points should be specified and thoroughly explained in your emails:

Access to Thorough & Updated Market Data

When preparing to sell a property, a real estate agent can provide up-to-date information on the current state of the local market as well as the financing, listing price, terms and conditions of competing, similar properties. Having access to this critical information is a key factor in getting a property sold at a reasonable price in what is a very difficult market throughout most of the United States.

Recommend Improvements to Maximize Price

A real estate agent can generally recommend structural or cosmetic repairs that will significantly increase the price that a property can be listed for, and has a trusted and reputable network of contractors and other specialists to get that work done quickly and on budget.

Network with Other Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent is able to market properties to other real estate agents as well as the public. In most of the country over half of real estate sales are accomplished as cooperative sales where a separate real estate agent brings a buyer to the listing agent.

Complete Property Marketing Services

A real estate agent knows exactly when, where and how to market specific types of property. The general misconception that advertising alone sells real estate has been proven wrong by research studies that show that 82% of real estate sales are the direct result of a real estate agent’s contacts through referrals, previous clients, friends, family and other professional and personal contacts.

Ensuring Security in Visits

When a property is marketed through a real estate agent, the homeowner does not have to worry about allowing random strangers into the privacy of the home. Real estate agents will accompany qualified prospects through the property who have been personally pre-screened.

Contractual Expertise

A real estate agent can help a seller objectively evaluate each buyer’s proposal without having to compromise the necessary marketing position. An initial agreement is only just the start of a long and convoluted process of inspections, appraisals and financing, with each step incorporating innumerable potential pitfalls. An experienced, professional real estate agent can draft a legally binding agreement that will be acceptable to all parties and is much more likely to survive through the extensive process relatively unscathed.

Overcoming Closing Obstacles

A real estate agent can help clear up the inevitable issues that arise between the initial sales agreement and closing. Unexpected repairs might be discovered by the home inspection or be required to obtain financing. There are also unforeseeable title problems that can pop up. Most sellers would find the required paperwork completely overwhelming, but a real estate agent can objectively help to resolve these troublesome issues and speed the transaction to closing.

An agent has to bring a considerable amount of personal and professional dedication to ensuring that both buyers and sellers are able to arrive at an agreement that provides all involved in a fair and equitable win-win scenario. It is safe to say that the majority of both residential buyers and sellers are not aware of the actual value a real estate agent provides during the course of a real estate transaction. Too many real estate clients fail to comprehend that if they were not able to benefit from those professional services, their entire property transaction could be in jeopardy. By promoting the value of your services through your email newsletter content you will be educating your clientele and reassuring them that you will earn and deserve their trust.