Some of you that read the Weekly Newsletter may have gathered that I enjoy movies. If you didn’t, why aren’t you receiving the Weekly Newsletter yet? I’m most looking forward to Christmas Day this year, thanks to the releases of Django Unchained and The Great Gatsby. However, there are several movies I’m quite looking forward to this summer. So, this week I’m dedicating the Benchmark 5 to the summer movies I can’t wait to see.

What does this have to do with business or marketing? We’ll just have to watch them and wait and see if I come back with articles on how to market like an action movie, superhero flick, raunchy comedy or indie picture. Or be sure to link me yours!

  1. The Expendables 2. I may have laughed harder at the first Expendables than I did at most comedies that year. Sylvester Stallone threw every washed up action star he could into one movie and the results were everything you’d hope they would be.
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man. There really aren’t comic book movies that I don’t go see. The last Spider-Man movie (Spider-Man 3) was so bad, I need a new one to cleanse my palate. Really looking forward to this reboot.
  3. Ted. The first live-action movie that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has done. I really enjoy Mark Wahlberg in comedies and Mila Kunis in general. The fake out trailer had me rolling as well. It initially leads you to believe it’s a rom-com, before veering off the tracks and never looking back.
  4. Safety Not Guaranteed. Great cast in an indie flick. Mark Duplass from The League, Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Recreation and Jake Johnson from New Girl.
  5. The Dark Knight Rises. I mean…c’mon. Christopher Nolan has done incredible things with his take on the Batman franchise. Heath Ledger was even awarded an Oscar for his performance in The Dark Knight. Watching the trailer makes me giddy.