A lot of companies have to thank Google Doc for unifying all their departments and making communication so much easier and faster. Don’t you appreciate just having to simply click on a couple of buttons to view a document, as oppose to having to scroll through endless chains of emails that constantly get lost in the shuffle?

Not just Google Docs, but even Sheets and Slides are used to allow multiple team members to work on a project at the same time. Just recently, Google rolled out their newest update. Sheets and Slides apps for iOS and Android now feature a commenting functionality, in which users can add their comments to the spreadsheets and slides. So wherever they are, working in the office or remotely, or even in a coffee shop, you can simply whip out your mobile device to keep up with projects and add in your two cents.

Furthermore, you can even loop people right into the conversations just by typing their names in the comment. That way, they can have a heads up about what is going on with the project without having to sit and stare at all the comments. Very efficient feature to have for a large project.

Google Doc itself has a new update, giving users a button to automatically add a comment where they select text. Prior to this, you would have to remember a certain key combination, but now in Docs on your desktop, you just simply highlight the text and when a little button pops up, you can click and comment.

Just watch your team’s productivity and communication improve overtime thanks to these new updates. Google Doc truly is one of the pillars of a successful company, and all updates will only help to improve a growing business even more.

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