It’s been a busy month for Benchmark Email, with team members showing up on websites, blogs and even radio shows! Here’s a rundown on what happened within the last 30 days:

Denise Keller on Pilgrim on the 405

To start, Denise Keller, our beloved COO, was interviewed on one of the top internet radio shows in Southern California, Pilgrim on the 405. Denise not only went over what Benchmark Email is, but what types of marketing automation Benchmark uses for everything from communication between internal staff members to handling the support needs of clients. Have a listen (Denise comes in at minute 34): Pilgrim Talks: Dave Kinney and Denise Keller.

Customer Service on the Hire Your Virtual Assistant Blog

It’s been a busy month for Denise because she was also featured on Hire Your Virtual Assistant where she talks about going the extra mile for a client. According to Denise, going one step further for a client means all the difference between okay customer service and stellar support.

Desktop vs. Laptop Email Viewing on

Meanwhile, CEO Curt Keller wrote a news-breaking column for on how desktop email viewing is matching up against a market where laptops, tablets and smartphones are all the rage. Are your clients going to give up viewing your email campaigns on their desktops? Read this great piece and find out that Staggering Mobile Email Growth Doesn’t Dent Desktop Readership.

Email Marketing Polls on Customer Think

Guru-in-residence Daniel Cassady has plenty to say this month on how you can improve your email marketing polls. Are your polls and surveys getting lackluster responses? Is the data you get unusable because too many people are commenting on too many different things? If you’re email poll-challenged, help yourself to some great advice on Customer Think with Daniel’s 5 Important Tips for Your Email Marketing Poll.

Jump Start Your Email Campaigns on

Are your email campaigns losing their flair? Are you stuck writing dull copy for a less-than-enthused audience? Yo Noguchi’s article on jump starting your email campaigns may be just what you need to get out of the email marketing doldrums. Don’t believe it? Read it for yourself: 5 Tips for Jump Starting Your Email Marketing Writing.