When a person registers for one of your webinars, it’s important to keep them engaged and interested so that the day in question is something that they look forward to. In other words, how you promote your webinar is very important. People tend to sign up for the webinar weeks in advance, but forget when the time comes around.

Reminder emails are excellent because it is versatile and best of all, the most cost effective. It’s common to start promoting your webinar two weeks prior to to the event. So it would make sense to also send a reminder email one week prior, then three days prior. What we’ve done here at Benchmark, is we sometimes send our reminders on the day of and that has shown to increase our attendance rate overall. What is important is that you keep your registrants in the know about the webinar. Sending them updates or even information about that cool special guest that will be attending.

Something to include in those emails that you send is a button to add this event to their personal electronic calendar. Google’s Gmail can sometimes pick up the event from within the email and automatically place it in their Google Calendar. But not everyone uses Google; others like to use Microsoft or Mac calendars. Adding this button allows them to set reminders with just a click. Others may be less inclined to add it to their calendars manually.

Now we’re not done yet. After the webinar, it’s best to thank your registrants, and also provide them with a recording of the webinar to save and reference. Discussions and interactions that occur during webinars are invaluable pieces of information and by providing a souvenir gives great valuable to your future webinars as long as you keep this standard.

Now we’ve gone through, basically from beginning to end, what an email marketing promotion should look like for a webinar. Remember that you want to engage your audience and ensure that have the capability to save the date and to keep them looking forward to the event. Nobody wants to host a webinar for an empty room.