If you have never attended a Chicago Blackhawks game at the United Center, I highly suggest you do so. Not just because I love the Blackhawks and think that everyone else should too (although that is one reason). It’s to see the National Anthem being sung by Jim Cornelison. Unlike every other time the Anthem is sung and you can hear a pin drop, it is a raucous occasion at the good ol’ UC. Opposing teams often tell their friends and family in attendance to make sure they’re at the game in time for the Anthem. It is while Cornelison belts out our country’s National Anthem and raises his hand towards the flag as he sings “and our flag was still there” that I can feel the pride for our country coursing through me.

Flag Day, celebrated June 14, honors the adoption of our flag. I think that Jim Cornelison should sing the National Anthem on a national broadcast. Every person, whether at home, work or in the car should stop what they’re doing and cheer for the Anthem. Sorry productivity at work, we’re gonna take a moment to celebrate our country’s flag.

So maybe that won’t happen. You can honor Flag Day in your own way. Use a Benchmark Flag Day email template, and celebrate the occasion with your subscribers. Perhaps you have your own story or connection to the flag. Your subscribers probably will too. Tell them your story and ask your subscribers to share theirs. You can even move the conversation over to one of your social networking channels. Maybe even have a prize for the best or most unique story. Regardless of what you do, enjoy Flag Day as a day to honor one of the biggest symbols of our country.