Golden Week in Japan is a week of holidays starting with Showa Day and ends with Children’s Day. For many in Japan, it is the longest vacation period of the year. Workers that aren’t given time off by their customers generally use their paid time off at this time. Is it too late to suggest Benchmark Email celebrate Golden Week? Our services are available in Japanese after all. As a Cubs fan, I’ll settle for my mantra “wait till next year!”

Showa Day kicks off Golden Week on April 29th. It is a time to reflect on the 63 year turbulent reign of Hirohito. Constitution Memorial day is next on May 3rd. This day honors the declaration of the 1947 Constitution of Japan and is a time to reflect on the the Japanese government and democracy. May 4th brings Greenery Day. It celebrates nature, much like our Arbor Day here in the U.S. Children’s Day is May 5th and it closes Golden Week. It is a day to celebrate the happiness and individuality of the nation’s children.

Honor your Japanese subscribers with a Benchmark Golden Week email template. It’s a time for them to travel, so businesses in that industry should especially take note. A week off of work and time to travel? Sounds like a blast, right, Pony Boy?