The Super Bowl is one of my favorite times of the year. Except when it isn’t. Living in the heart of Colts country when the Bears lost to them in the 2006 Super Bowl was not fun. Although it was. Most of it at least. Well, everything except the game. Scratch that. Devin Hester returning the opening kick off for a touchdown was also great. The excitement leading up to the game, all the great food and awful beer we drank and spending time with my fellow Chicagoans still stands out.

I’m sure many of your subscribers have similar love/hate relationships with the Super Bowl. The pregame activities are always a blast. There’s a ton of great food to eat, adult beverages to drink, trash talking, and generally someone showing off their ginormous new TV. Food, alcohol and television companies are all ripe for email marketing opportunities leading up to the Super Bowl.

Customize a Benchmark HTML email template and get your subscribers excited for the Super Bowl. Just make sure they’re in Black and Yellow and have no mentions of cheese. The Bears loss to the Packers in the NFC Championship is still fresh. I’m assuming Packers fans aren’t smart enough to succeed at email marketing anyways.