March 9 is Ash Wednesday. When I first read that, I assumed it was in celebration of our programmer, Ash. Maybe it’s because I’m Jewish or maybe it’s because I constantly write about making the holiday at hand about myself. Hey, he works hard; he deserves his own holiday. However, March 9 is not that day. Sorry, Ash!

In actuality, Ash Wednesday represents the beginning of Lent. The day gets its name from the act of placing ashes on one’s forehead as a sign of repentance. Honor the holiday and wish the best to your subscribers on this day by customizing a Benchmark HTML email template. Perhaps share what you are giving up for Lent. Granted, not everyone on your subscriber list may honor Ash Wednesday or want to receive an email campaign about it. Make sure you know your recipients and maybe only send to a specific segment of your list.

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