Happy New Year everybody! Hope you all celebrated safely and had a great time. I had the typical NYE disaster story. Our cabs were so late and LA traffic was so bad that we almost didn’t get to the party before midnight. I wrote in an early blog how I only like to go to concerts on NYE. I will be returning to that next year. I don’t even need to waste a resolution on it. If your resolution was to improve in business or even email marketing specifically, we’ve got a bunch of info to help you along your way.

Support Update: Merging Lists with Multiple Fields

We’ve already told you about merging contact lists. This blog takes it to the next step and teaches you how to get more customization from Merging Lists with Multiple Fields.

Who Can Fatten Your Inbox? The Spammer Man Can (Part 3)

We’re laughing in the face of everyone who says Part 3 is never as good as the first two. They may have been right with the Godfather. They aren’t with this Part 3. Plus you’ll learn how to Protect Your Computer from Spam Emails and Botnets.

HTML Tips & Tricks #5 – Making Lists

I’m gonna give you a tip of my own. Pay attention to what Pierce actually writes in the screen captured examples. The comedy alone is great. The value of the HTML Tips & Tricks #5 – Making Lists is even better.

Are Your Emails Creating Vicarious Liability Issues?

Email isn’t the only thing you need to be careful with. IMs, social media posts and even SMS can all land you in hot water. To find out what to do to stay safe, ask yourself, Are Your Emails Creating Liability Issues?

Befuddle Your Subscribers by Failing to Segment Email Lists

Here I do a case study on Piperlime’s email newsletters and their lack of targeting. That was possibly my own fault, but I got a good laugh out of thinking about the military wearing flair jeans. Oh, you’re curious now, aren’t you? Want to annoy your email list? Don’t segment.

Making Great Email Videos Part 3 – What Kinds of Mics Plug into My Camera?

We were all about part 3s this week. Naturally, I covered looking good in this series last week. Now, Paul is back to answer the question, What Kind of Mics Plug into My Camera?

Support Update: How to Find Your Payment Receipts

Pierce calls this issue “a piece of whip cream topping on a piece of cake.” So go get yourself a big ol’ piece of cake and learn How to Find Your Payment Receipts. Cake is obviously what matters here, people.

Benchmark Email Presents: Cleaning House – How to Build Healthy Email Lists

A blog can only be so long before you lose interest in reading it. It’s good for quick tips and tricks, but for longer lessons we’ve got our developing guides section. Health is always the focus just after New Year’s. We’re not any different. Check out our guide on Cleaning House – How to Build Healthy Email Lists.

HTML Tips & Tricks #6 – Advanced Font Attributes

More great step by step tutorials for learning how to custom code the HTML in your email newsletters. This time, Pierce tells us all about Advanced Font Attributes. Go learn something!