Halloween has passed and the elections are over. Now what are we supposed to do? Thanksgiving isn’t for a few weeks. In terms of email marketing, you should have started planning for your holiday email campaigns already. I spent my time griping about Quiznos inconsistent email promotions, but we’ll get to that later. Let’s get to some more productive topics first.

What to Do When Your IP Address Winds Up on a Blacklist

Our deliverability specialists break down the steps to be followed when your IP address is blacklisted. Luckily, your email marketing through Benchmark Email isn’t at risk of this.

Avoiding the Inadvertent Email Insult

Insulting your subscribers is never a good idea – even if it’s an accident or even if you really wanted to. We’re here for you with a list of some instances where you might inadvertently insult your recipients, and we’ll show you how to prevent it. In today’s world, it’s especially important to double check your emails. Make sure you are avoiding the inadvertent email insult.

Email Marketing About Town – My Quiznos Promo No-Show

If you’re like me, you’re hungry by now (apparently reading three paragraphs is all it takes). Hunger was just what led me to discover the inconsistent email promotions from Quiznos. First they didn’t send the promo at all. Then it was the wrong promo – after being promised a free sub. See how you can avoid email promo inconsistencies.

Hope your candy hangover has subsided and you’re already getting excited for Thanksgiving. I know I am. I’ll be returning to Chicago for my first time in over a year, excited to see my family and friends. If your brains aren’t totally on holiday yet, be sure to check out our We Do It For You Email Contest. You can win three free months of our full service email marketing program.