Saying the words Jersey Shore elicits groans from many people in the U.S., even the ones that secretly love every second of the cast’s fist pumping, GTLing antics. It is a cultural phenomenon. For those of us who list the Jersey Shore as a guilty pleasure, it’s often a mind numbing mental vacation. You don’t have to think about anything. Just sit back and laugh at the lowest common denominator of entertainment there is. Make that the second lowest. Larry the Cable Guy is worse. I’m pretty sure Pierce (who is lucky enough to edit all of my blogs) isn’t the only one wondering where I’m going with this.

This week it was announced that the show was picked up for a fourth season that will film in Italy. My initial reaction was to cringe. As if the rest of the world didn’t already have a low enough opinion of Americans. Did anyone think of how these grenade dodging cast mates might be perceived in Italy? Still wondering where I’m going with this? I’m getting there.

For businesses based in the United States, it’s not always necessary to determine how your brand or your email campaigns will be viewed by an international audience. That being said, with technology what it is today, audiences are increasingly spreading across the globe. It’s time to start considering how your email campaigns will be seen by your international subscribers, before you get yourself into an email marketing situation.

The wording of your copy is one major factor to consider. Seemingly harmless words in the U.S. may be deemed offensive in other countries, or just have an entirely different meaning. Several months ago Hal wrote on Composing Emails for International Customers. A great read, or reread, if you plan to expand your subscribers internationally.

Segmentation is another factor. You don’t want your email campaigns landing in your subscribers’ inboxes in the middle of the night. Though it wouldn’t be as bad as writing a note to anonymously rat out a roommate for cheating, it’s not ideal. Hal wrote another blog that covers this and several other International Email Marketing Issues. Read up, and you’ll be an MVP too.

I could be wrong. The Italians might love their “Italian” Jersey Shore brethren. The more likely scenario is that nothing can be done to make the rest of the world love the Jersey Shore cast. They are who they are. Your email campaigns, on the other hand, can be adjusted for your international subscribers. Succeed and your international subscribers will flock to you like Snooki to pickles and/or gorilla juiceheads.