Schools and universities have always been centered on information, but that focus is even greater today. In fact, the technology in some educational institutions is as advanced as anything you’ll find in corporate infrastructure. Yet districts throughout the country are struggling, mainly due to strained budgets and the inability to conduct the marketing that is necessary for any entity to survive. Schools and organizations in these districts are perfect candidates for email marketing.

Efficient Communications

Communication is critical in the educational field. Faculty needs to be able to communicate internally, parents need to be able to get in touch with faculty and the school needs to have a line to its district partners and supporters. Traditional methods will always have their place in this area but in times when schools are being shut down left and right, one could say the budget they require is a part of the problem. Email marketing enables both schools and PTAs to communicate with the utmost efficiency. Not only is it effective in terms of cost but also from a standpoint that makes communicating simple and convenient. Coupled with existing channels, email can be the piece that rounds out a comprehensive communication system.

A Solution that Truly Delivers

Though it does require an investment, email marketing is known for providing an excellent return on the money you put into it. This technique can help organizations maximize their efforts in a variety of ways, and it all starts with delivery. Whether campaigns are geared for students, parents or faculty, a quality email marketing service can ensure that your message arrives at its intended destination. With the right solution, being falsely accused of sending spam or blocked by a recipient’s ISP will not be an issue.

Track and Measure Your Impact

One of the best things email marketing has to offer is its accountability. Every message you send can be tracked and every campaign can be measured. Through the integration of web analytics, comprehensive reports allow you to see how many recipients opened, clicked and interacted with your email in other ways. Schools can utilize this information to track campaigns sent to partners and sponsors while PTAs can use it to measure a message’s impact among its membership. It all amounts to valuable insights that will come in handy when it comes time for plotting future communications strategies.

Leave It up to Us

Backed by an award-winning platform, Benchmark’s email marketing services can meet the educational sector’s needs, from the amazingly simple to the extremely complex. Whether your plans revolve around sending out a monthly newsletter to parents and teachers, attracting sponsors or organizing an event to boost enrollment, we can work with you to make sure you send the right message to the right people at the right time. Rest assured that our team is with you every step of the way.

Free PTA Sponsorship for PTAs, PTOs and PTSAs

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