I usually say this every week, but this week I REALLY can’t believe it’s almost the weekend (a sentence I’m sure my bosses will love to read). Perhaps the beginning of the NFL on Thursday nights brought these feelings on. I had to scramble to check my fantasy football team (on my lunch break) to make sure my line up was ready for this evening’s Ravens-Falcons game. Now that I’ve potentially offended my bosses with this talk of the weekend and fantasy football, I should probably get back to business. Sounds like I could take a page from one of our blogs this week.

What Email Marketers Can Learn from Keith Olbermann’s Apology

Whether you agree with what happened or not, there is a lesson to be learned from Olbermann’s mea culpa. Upon his return to his MSNBC hosting gig, Olbermann immediately apologized. He also ran a mash-up of all the late night jokes about the situation. Email marketers should pay attention.

Check out What Email Marketers Can Learn from Keith Olbermann’s Apology.

How The EU’s New Email Privacy Laws Might Affect Your Campaigns

New revisions to EU email privacy laws may affect you if your subscribers are from an international audience. These developments bear close scrutiny by any email marketer with subscribers within the EU’s member nations, as the fines for violation could be considerable.

Learn about How The EU’s New Email Privacy Laws Might Affect Your Campaigns.

New Toys! Add the Facebook ‘Like’ button to your Emails

Now your subscribers can ‘Like’ your email campaigns on Facebook. This feature is designed to make your email go viral, leading to more views of your email campaign. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Find out how to Add the Facebook ‘Like’ Button to Your Emails.

That’s all for this week, folks. I’m surprised I made it this far. Sometimes my brain turns off when the word weekend gets mentioned. Don’t forget, it’s not too late to put together a great Thanksgiving email campaign. Read my Thanksgiving blog for some inspiration. Ok, too much talk about the weekend and now Thanksgiving (re: food) – now I’m really done.